Monday, August 8, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

       Caelan punched the dumpster with all his strength, screaming "Idiot!" The metal screamed in protest and the whole thing flew back. He whirled, kicking the smaller trash can behind him. It flew into the small lake and Caelan watched as it splashed, the calm waters rippiling and rising. He looked around for something to hit, but he was alone. So he gripped the top of his head and fell to his knees, screaming in frustration. The last hours were a blur, but he remebered every excruciating-and exhilarating- detail. He cursed himself for enjoying the taste o her blood on his lips, the electric current that coarsed through his body, warming his toes to his head. If Renn hadn't pulled her away, she'd be dead in his arms.
       They stood, the sunlight glaring down on Vakyries pale shoulders, tanning them. She covered them with her hands, not wanting to explain a tan to her parents in the middle of winter. Skulduggery strolled foward, and they walked into Gordons house. It had been a while since she talked to her dead uncle. The last time she had it was to show Skulduggery. Skulduggery leaned against the wall,"You go on. Tell Gordon we need to know if its possible to have Nye take the remnant out of Tanith." Valkyrie nodded, sprinting up the steps. She tugged the book that led to the secret study, and turned to see her uncle Gordon appear in front of her. She smiled warmly,"Hello Gordon." He glared,"You haven't talked to me in ages" Valkyrie shrugged apologetically, "Sorry about that. Ive been a mite busy." Gordon smiled,"Saving the world?" Valkyrie "How about a person?"

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