Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

       Caelan spoke, his voice strained,"Just giving back Kenspeckles control potions. Ill be leaving soon." Valkyrie stared for a second, then sucked in a breath,"Oh. Kenspeckles.....control..." Caelans face tightened and he glared at Valkyries shoulderblade. She looked, to see blood falling down softly, and looked at Caelan,"Whoops. Sorry. Ill leave." Caelan nodded and didnt say anything, his eyes on Valkyrie as she and Skulduggery walked into the room Kenspeckle was in. Valkyrie closed the door and looked around, to see Kenspeckle examining the hand of the man who attacked her. He looked up at Valkyrie and frowned,"Valkyrie, your bleeding. Has my punishment taught you nothing?" Valkyrie paused, and said,"Um...are you OK with me staying here?" Kenspeckle waved his hand airly,"Im to brilliant to fall into those charms. I just had my potions, and not one iota of me desires to harm you, seeing as it recognizes you." Valkyrie raised her eyebrows,"Impressive." He nodded,"I am, arent I?" She smiled, and then it faded as she walked towards the man unconsious on the table. She stared,"Thats definitley him." Skulduggery opened his mouth as the man twitched, and then time seemed to freeze. Then the man opened his eyes and Kenspeckle dived toward the needle on the floor as the man jumped up and looked over at Valkyrie. He grinned,"Oh how lovely! Youve brought her to me." He pounced on Valkyrie but she twisted out of his grip and kicked his face. He smiled,"That hurt." He ducked under Skulduggery and jumped over Kenspeckle, who threw the needle towards Valkyrie. Valkyrie caught it and dived into the man, but he grabbed her hand holding the needle and threw it away. He wrapped two hands around her waist and murmured,"Your perfect....Ooh yes..." Then Skulduggery slammed into the both of them and accidentally socked Valkyrie in the face. She staggered back and clutched her nose, glaring at Skulduggery. He looked at her,"Oops." He went at the attacker, and grunted,"Who...are.....you", through punches. The man easily ducked through every one, and laughed, his eyes glinting. "Aeron. Now if youll excuse me, we have to leave." Kenspeckle frowned,"We?" Aeron laughed,"Great question." He dived toward Valkyrie but she ducked back and punched his eye. He backed up and she kicked his throat, then chopped at his stomach. He snarled,"Stop that." Skulduggery took out his gun and thumbed off the safety. He groweled,"Get away from Valkyrie."    
          Aeron turned and smiled at Skulduggery. "Sorry, but she has a job to do."
"What job would that be?"
"Ooh! That would spoil the surprise if I told you, wouldnt it?" He then raised his hand and Kenspeckle flew out of the room. He turned towards Skulduggery, but he was already gone. He frowned, and then there was a BAM throughout the room as Caelan ran in to see Valkyrie on the floor, struggiling to keep out of Aerons grasp. He snarled and pounced on Aeron, but Aeron was determined on getting at Valkyrie, and a shadow flew through Caelans legs. Caelan roared in pain and crumpeled to the floor, his legs broken. Aeron turned to Valkyrie, who was up agianst the wall, struggiling agianst the shadows that pinned her arms and legs together, and grinned visciously. "Finally." But Skulduggery dropped from the ceiling and locked a choke hold on Aeron. Aeron snarled and backed out of it. "Ill be back, Valkyrie Cain. You cant hide from destiny." He vanished, shadows surrounding him. Skulduggery turned to Valkyrie, who fell to the floor as Aeron vanished. Kenspeckle then ran in, and ran towards Valkyrie. He helped her up, but she stood fine,"Im OK. Help Caelan." Kenspeckle turned reluctantly towards Caelan crumpeled form and Skulduggery shook his head. "Why does he want you so bad." Valkyrie shrugged. "Something with Darquesse agian?" Skulduggery nodded,"Maybe. But I dont think so. He called you Valkyrie. Not Darquesse. We need to go to the Sanctuary and tell Ghastly and Erskine what we know." Valkyrie nodded. They walked out the room, to see Kenspeckle bent over Caelan, working on his legs with an odd looking machine. Valkyrie called out,"Good bye Kenspeckle" As she walked out, and she heard a wary,"Good bye Valkyrie" in return.
       Ten minutes later, they were walking towards the Sanctuary. Valkyrie spoke,"Why are you so quiet?" Skulduggery looked at her,"Am I?" Valkyrie nodded,"You are." He shrugged,"Thinking heavy thoughts. Like why Aeron tryed to kill you this morning but wanted you alive earlier."  Skulduggery turned and looked at the doors to the Sanctuary, and scoweled,"Fantastic." Valkyrie turned to see Blaine leaning agianst the doors, grinning as he saw Valkryie. They neared and he spoke out,"Hello lovely. Ive been wondering when youd show up. You didnt take long, now did you?"

"Blaine, did it ever occur to you that I might have a boyfriend?"

Blaine frowned and shook his head,"Hm.. Cant say I have. Your point?" Valkyrie sighed,"Never mind." Skulduggery shoved past him and Valkyrie followed. Blaine tagged along,"What happened to your lip, gorgeous?" Valkyrie glared at Skulduggery,"Ask this fool." Skulduggery shrugged,"You were getting quite agitating." Valkyrie snorted. They went through the door, and walked into the Sanctuary hallway. Skulduggery lead the way, and Valkyrie and Blaine followed. Blaine spoke agian,"So what happened now?"  Valkyrie glared at him,"None of your business." Blaine winked,"It could be." Valkyrie frowned,"Yet, it never will be." Then they heard a yell, and Ghastly and Erskine came pounding down the hallway. Ghastly roared,"Get out of here!" As the walls behind them collapsed. All five of them started running, Valkyrie screamed,"What happened?"  Erskine bellowed above the screech of metal ripping,"Sanguine broke through the foundations and did something to the building." Valkyrie saw people looking in surprise at the walls, then running and yelling, or getting caught in the crush. They all jumped through the Emergency Exit and landed outside, watching the Sanctuary collapse.

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