Thursday, August 4, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

       Skulduggery peeked his head through the door, wanting to know what was keeping Valkyrie. He saw Kenspeckle with a concerned hand on her shoulder, and Valkyrie with her face buried in her knees, arms wrapped around them.  He walked in quietly. "Valkyrie?" He said hesitantly. She didnt look up, but she answered, her voice muffeled,"You were right, Skulduggery." He cocked his head,"Huh?" She continued, face still in knees,"Caelan told Fletcher. And Fletcher wont talk to me." Skulduggery froze, not knowing what to say to a 17 year old girl with relationship problems. He didnt speak for a while, then he found his voice,"Let him cool down, then try to explain." Valkyrie sighed and leaned back in the chair, cheeks and forehead red from her knees. "I suppose your right." Skulduggery nodded,"Of course Im right. Im me." Valkyrie nodded, and stood. "Could I have a second alone?" They both nodded, and Kenspeckle and Skulduggery walked out. Valkyrie grabbed her phone, and called Caelan. It took 4 times before he answered.
"What, Valkyrie?"
Valkyrie glared,"How dare you."
Caelan sighed,"I was mad. He had to know, you couldnt keep the boy in the dark forever."
Valkyrie wanted to yell, but hissed instead,"It was not your descision! Im his....well was his girlfriend. I was supposed to decide, Caelan!"
"Im sorry. I know. But I need you to meet me outside the diner near your house."
Valkyrie gaped,"Are you joking?"
"No. I need to show you something. Valkyrie, its important."
Valkyrie hissed agian,"And how do you think Im supposed to tell Skulduggery that?"
He paused,"Tell him you want to go home?"
Valkyrie sighed,"Fine. Fine."
Caelan hung up, and Valkyrie took a deep breath and walked outside. Skulduggery looked at her. She spoke,"I want to go back to my house. I want to spend more time with Alison." Skulduggery nodded,"\Of course." They walked outside, and Skulduggery paused. He turned to Valkyrie,"Im sorry about Fletcher. But hell come around." Valkyrie forced a smile,"Its ok. Im ok." Skulduggery cocked his head,"Valkyrie, you cared for Fletcher." Valkyrie looked at the sidewalk,"Ill be fine. Take me home." She mumbeled. Skulduggery frowned,"Sure." He wrapped a hand around her waist, and she didnt enjoy the fly home. He dropped her off and she used the shadows to lift her to the window. She swung over, and landed on the bed. The reflection was doing her homework. It looked up, and Valkyrie said,"Im not staying. I just need my boots." The reflection nodded, and as soon as Valkyrie strapped them on, she was out the window. She curled her hand around her cold ring and the shadows surrounded her legs, and she flew to the diner her dad took her to once, she ended up eating to many waffles and her dad had to hold her hair back as she vomited. She walked around the building to the alley beside it, and two staggering, drunk men wolf-whistled as she passed. "Hullo, me' lovely. Come have a pint." Valkyrie ignored them and saw Caelan, arms crossed, leaning agianst the brick wall, baring his teeth at the men. He watched Valkyrie near, and muttered something under his breath. He smiled tentatively at Valkyrie, and she glared.
"Im still furious at you."
"So what did you want?"
He frowned and guestured,"Follow me." They walked down the alley, the night getting darker and darker. Then Valkyries ring turned cold, and she groweled,"Whos dead?" Caelan pointed,"Her. Almost."
Valkyrie looked where he was pointing, and saw a young girl writhing in pain on the floor. Caelan grabbed her wrist and helped her up, but the top of her head was covered in blood, and as Caelan breathed in, he froze, and eyes glinted monsterously. Valkyrie backed up,"Caelan?" She said warily. He looked at her and grinned visciously. He slammed into her, and Valkyrie lashed out, her injured leg twitching in pain. They wrestled, and Caelan grabbed her wrist and she yelled,"No!" As he sank his fangs into her skin, making her shout in pain. He drained her arm of blood and she writhed and tryed to pull back her arm. Then more blood drained out of her body, and her eyelids got heavy, and the last thing she saw was Caelan jumping up as a person stood behind him.
       Fletcher sat on Valkyries roof, looking over the city of Haggard. When he saw Skulduggery, he ducked and hid, and watched Valkyrie go in her house, then out agian. He followed her from the rooftops, watching her walk into an alley. He saw her lips move, and stiffened when he saw who she was talking to. He shook in anger, admiring the nerve she had to move on so fast. Obviously she had always loved Caelan better. Then he heard a shout, and saw Caelan slam into Valkyrie. He jumped up and teleported to a spot two men playing cards on a bench wouldnt see. He sped off into the alley, and saw Valkyrie limp in Caelans arms, his lips on her wrist. Fletcher roared and pulled out the taser he had from when Aeron attacked him, jabbing it into Caelans neck. He teleported to a hunting store and stole a sharp knife, and slashed Caelan as many times as possible. As Caelan shook his head and looked at Valkyrie, horrified. He grabbed Fletcher as he teleported, and Fletcher ran into Kenspeckles lab. He bellowed,"SKULDUGGERY!" And Skulduggery ran into the room. He saw Valkyrie and ran up to Fletcher, and took her. He flew into Kenspeckles office, and Fletcher ran after him, Caelan behind him. Kenspeckles eyes widened as he laid Valkyrie on the bed, and yelled, "Shes lost to much blood, she needs someone to donate some."
       Fletcher ran up to him,"Here, take mine!" Kenspeckle pulled out a un familiar looking tool and stabbed it into Fletchers wrist. He grabbed the wire connected to it and stabbed into Valkyries wrist, and started pumping blood from Fletcher into Valkyrie. After 40 seconds, Fletcher felt woozy and Kenspeckle let out a breath,"Ok, shell be fine. Now get out, while I work on her bite." Skulduggery stiffened,"Bite?" Kenspeckle glared at him,"Shoo!" And they walked out. Fletcher sat down, pale and nasueas from the blood loss. Skulduggery looked up as Caelan walked through the entrance, and Blaine, Erskine , and Ghastly walked through the door behind him. He yanked out his gun and shot at Caelan three times, missing. Caelan backed up, hands out,"Stop! I couldnt control it!" Ghastly ran up to Skulduggery and pulled him back,"What happened?" Skulduggery snarled,"He bit Valkyrie."

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