Monday, August 1, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

       The second Skulduggery shut the door he turned to Erskine,"You keep that boy away from Valkyrie." Erskine nodded,"Ah, there it is. I was wondering when youd say something." He shrugged,"He wont listen to me, but Im sure Valkyrie can take care of herself if he tried anything." Then they heard a yelp, and Erskine laughed,"That was fast." Skulduggery shook his head and sighed, then began talking.
"Kenspeckles alive. Well, Sort of."
They stared at him blankly, and Skulduggery nodded,"Caelan took Valkyrie to the Hibernian, and there he was. She called me and I came over. I saw him." Ghastly paled,"How?" Skulduggery looked at him,"Hes a Vampire." Erskine recoiled,"Is that even possible?" Skulduggery shrugged, "I suppose so."
"Caelan told me he saw the Vampire who turned him, but didnt know his name. I need to know who." Erskine shrugged,"Why?" Skulduggery stared at him,"Caelan said the Vampire was talking while Kenspeckle was still just Infected. He was talking about why he turned him. He said something-Caelan wasnt sure what-about Valkyrie." Erskine nodded,"OK. Ill talk to some people, and get back to you. But anyways, theres been murders going around, and I need you and Valkyries help." Skulduggery inturupted him,"Lets talk outside." They opened the door and and went back into the hallway, where they saw Valkyrie with her arms wrapped around her chest tightly and staring agitatedly and looking truly uncomfortable at the other corner of the room. Blaine was grinning to himself, and nursing a scorch mark on his right hand. Valkyrie glared at Skulduggery as they came out, accusing him. He shrugged apologetically and said,"So what is it you wanted Erskine." Erskine turned to Skulduggery, and Valkyrie stepped closer. Ghastly spoke.
"Theres been a series of murders lately, in this locale area. All the bodies seemed to have had their insides....shattered." Valkyrie gaped at him. "Is that the same guy that attacked me?" Ghastly looked from Skulduggery to Valkyrie. Skulduggery cocked his skull,"A man crashed into Bentley, then when Valkyrie broke his ribs he raised his hand and did something to her." Her stomach stung, as if it was remebering the pain. Erskine looked at Valkyrie,"What did he do?" Valkyrie shrugged, He lifted his hand and he had on a red glove, there were black shadows all over it. Then he just pointed and it felt like my insides were shattering over and over agian." Ghastly muttered to himself, thinking hard. He looked up and shook his head,"Ive never heard of him." Erskine shrugged,"Nor have i." Skulduggery cocked his skull agian,"We'll figure it out." Ghastly smiled,"Thank you. Its been so busy. A man ran screaming in this morning about a Vampire who turned his brother." Skulduggery stared,"Who was this man?" Erskine ravel said,"Cain Brok, I belive." Skulduggery nodded. "Lets go Valkyrie." Valkyrie smiled at the two men, "Bye." They smiled back. Blaine fake pouted,"No good bye for me?" Valkyrie scoweled,"Good bye Blaine." Blaine winked and Valkyrie turned and walked out, where Skulduggery was.
Skulduggery looked at Valkyrie.

"So how was your time with Blaine?" Valkyrie scoweled at Skulduggery,"Oh shut up." He laughed,"Im almost 100 percent sure that youve replaced China with your new powers. Theyre growing by the day, you do realize that?" Valkyrie paused, then wrinkeled her nose,"Is everyone we meet going to be like that?" Skulduggery frowned,"I hadnt thought of it that way. You should probrably take away my gun." Now it was Valkyries turn to laugh. They got into the black car and started to drive. Valkyrie buckeled her seatbelt,"Where are we going?" 
"To see Cain Brok."
"How do you know where he is?"
"Reputation. Im afraid he makes Blaine look like a perfect gentlemen." He said bitterly.
Valkyrie peered at him,"Reputation?" He shook his head,"Youll see."
Ten minutes later they pulled up into the parking lot of a rusty pub. Valkyrie stared at Skulduggery, "Your kidding me." Skulduggery walked into the pub and Valkyrie followed. There were a small group of people to the side, and another group of people scattered around the bar. Skulduggery walked toward the bar group and leaned, watching a drunk man gulp down liqor from a shot glass. Valkyrie stared. He turned and saw Skulduggery and then Valkyrie. He gave Skulduggery a glance, then stared at Valkyrie. Skulduggery walked over towards him, and Valkyrie muttered to herself,"Oh bloody hell..." She followed, stopping next to her. The drunken man looked about 6 years older then Valkyrie, in his early twenties. He looked at Valkyrie and grinned,"He-lloooo sweet heart. Want a drink?" She muttered to Skulduggery,"Hes drunk, whats the point talking to him." Skulduggery shook his head,"Thats the reputation. He could drink through the whole bar, and still act sober, if he wanted." Valkyrie shrugged and looked up to see Cain finishing the last of his drink, and turning towards Valkyrie. He staggered over and put a hand on her shoulder. Before she could react, Skulduggery had his gun aimed towards him. Valkyrie froze, giving Skulduggery a clear shot, if needed. "Get your hands off my partner, or I will shoot them off." He eyed Skulduggery and reluctantly pulled his hand down agian. Skulduggery put the gun back down and Valkyrie spoke,"OK then, off that happy note, did your brother just get turned by a Vampire?" The man paused for a beat then pounced on Valkyrie. Valkyrie pulled her knee up and hit his stomach. He backed up and doubled over, he straightened up and dived her her but she flipped and kicked his face, hard. She landed on the floor, and grabbed Cains shirt and twisted her hip into him. He fell onto the floor. He sat up, and snarled at Valkyrie. Skulduggery looked at her,"Nice flip." She smiled. He bared his teeth at Valkyrie,"Howd you know about my brother?" Skulduggery took over,"We heard a rumour. Do you know where he is." Cain glared at Skulduggery. "Hell, I do Skeleton. You and your little partner here can go up in flames, for the good itll do ya'." He paused, and his eyes raked over Valkyrie. He smiled visciously,"You know what, fine. Hes at my house. You know where that at?" Skulduggery nodded. They left and Valkyrie felt a suspiscious feeling nag at her brain. She shook it off. Skulduggery went in the opposite direction of the car and Valkyrie stared,"Were going to walk?" Skulduggery nodded, "Its about 30 feet away", and he pointed to a huge house on the side of the road. She nodded,"Oh. OK then."

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