Monday, August 8, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

        They walked into the bright white room quickly, and saw Skulduggery, Erskine, and Ghastly circled around a body in a chair. Kenspeckle was away from the commotion, his face pinched in annoyance. He glanced over at the couple as they walked in, and gave Valkyrie a silent wink. She forced a smile on her face, but the second he looked away it vanished. Sanguine grinned at her as she walked up, and settled in between Erskine and Skulduggery. "How ya' doin' lil' darlin'?" He said, his white teeth flashing. She scowled at him and he laughed,"I've been missin' that scowl." Skulduggery cut in,"Why were you at the Sanctuary?" When he didn't reply, Skulduggery continued,"Tell me." Sanguine hummed a tune and said,"Shan't." Skulduggery tilted his head, his hat in danger of falling off,"Did Tanith put you up to this?" At the sound of her name, Ghastly stiffened. Valkyries heart plummeted. They hadn't told him that Tanith had become Sanguines girlfriend. Sanguine laughed,"Maybe. Us lovebirds have been busy. Devious plots and such." Ghastly looked like someone slapped him. Skulduggery frowned,"You do realize your "girlfriend" has been a man. 3 times." Valkyrie hollowed out her cheeks to keep from laughing at the look that flashed over Sanguines face. Then Sanguine shrugged,"Well, she's a girl now." Erskine glared at him,"You should be in a cell. For murder, attempted murder, assault, breaking and entering, and a number of things."
        Sanguines expression was deadpan,"I do believe I have made a prank phone call. Don't forget that." Fletcher rolled his eyes. Valkyrie spoke,"So, what devious plots are you planning?" Sanguine lolled his head towards Valkyrie and grinned,"You can't expect me to reveal all my secrets, sweetheart, now can you? Ill just tell you one thing. Those days of relaxation I told you about? You better have enjoyed them, because they're long gone." Valkyrie snorted. "They've been gone for a long time." Erskine spoke again, his voice bitter,"Where's Tanith?" Sanguine grinned up at him, "Behind you." Erskine wheeled around, to see no one there. He turned back, and Sanguine was roaring with laughter. Valkyrie glared at him, her heart rising back to where it belonged. Skulduggery made a sound similar to clearing his throat. "Until you tell us, your staying here." Sanguine took a deep breath, and started to sing "99 bottles of wine". Valkyrie shook her head. The group started to walk back into the main room, but Ghastly hesitated. Valkyrie looked over her shoulder and stopped walking. "Ghastly?" His head snapped up, like he was waking from a trance, and he nodded. He came over to her and walked over. They left, and something popped up in Valkyries head. "Wheres Blaine?" Erskine froze, then hung his head. "Damn."
        He pulled out his phone and dialed a number, and they watched in silence as he spoke to the voice on the other line. "Where are you?"
"Dammit, Blaine!"
 He paused, his face growing redder and redder. Then he spoke,"Fine. Fine. Just come back now, or Ill be in trouble." The other end was silent, then Erskine snapped,"No! I will not." He snapped the phone shut and looked up to see 4 people staring at him. He shook his head,"You don't want to know." Skulduggery nodded,"Right, well, Valkyrie and I have business to do." Fletcher looked at her,"Business?" Valkyrie shrugged, and squeezed his hand as a good bye. She followed Skulduggery into the sleek black rented car. As she buckled her seat belt, she spoke,"Where are we going?" Skulduggery spoke, his voice full of bitterness,"Nye."

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