Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

   Valkyrie sat down, leaning forward.
   "Wait, wait, wait. So it's possible?"
   Gordon nodded, his eyebrows arched. "Statistically, it is. It's happened."
   Valkyrie flashed up, the book on her lap clattering to the floor.
   "Who, how, when, where. Now."
   Valkyrie took the stairs two steps at a time. She found Skulduggery eyeing through a thick book and started to bounce eagerly. Skulduggery looked over, and if he had an eyebrow, it would be arched.
   "It's possible. It's happened. 1984, a young man name Remus had a Remnant inside him for a year, but got it out of him with dark medical help."
   Skulduggery sighed.
   "Dark medical help? Nye is obviously our guy."
   Valkyrie started to pace, staring at her hands.
    "We could force him to help us, and capture Tanith, and-"
    "Hold it," Skulduggery interrupted, holding his gloved hands out. Valkyrie paused her manic pacing to look at him.
    Skulduggery grabbed the journal she was holding filled with all the information on it. He rifled through it. When he finished, his voice was doubtful.
   "Don't get your hopes too high, Valkyrie. This might not work."
    Valkyrie sighed and hung her head. Overwhelming desire to sleep drifted over her, and Skulduggery tucked the journal under his coat.
   "Come on, lets go. You look horrible."
   Valkyrie gave his a weak smile, and they hurried out the front door. The night was pitch black, and she wondered what time it was.
    "Today," she mumbled as she slunk into the car and fumbled with her seatbelt, " might have been one of the worst days of my life." Skulduggery put the car into gear, and they pulled out of the driveway. Valkyrie rolled the seat down and snuggled into the unfamiliar leather. She wanted to fight off the sleep, but couldn't. She slept.
    Thirthy minutes later, they were outside her house, and Skulduggery had to lift her from the seat. She rubbed her eyes, waved, and clumsily hovered through the window. The Reflection lifted its head from the pillow, and stripped her clothes off. Valkyrie shook her head.
   "Too. . . Tired. . ." She collapsed into bed.

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