Sunday, July 31, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

       Ten minutes later, Skulduggery walked out of the room Valkyrie was in, letting Kenspeckle examine her stomach and work his magic. He turned and strode over to a stuffed chair, where Caelan was sitting. He towered over Caelan, then Caelan stood, and he still towered over him. Skulduggery snarled out a sentence,"You have the audacity to come into my home, and talk to Valkyrie? Out of all people, Valkyrie is the one person you are forbidden to talk to. If I hear you went near her, I swear i will shoot you." Skulduggery stepped closer, staring down in black fury. "I dont like you. I like Valkyrie. For that reason I will warn you. Valkyrie has many burdens on her mind at this time. Though you dont care enough for Valkyries feelings, and you throw her around like a rag doll, I do. I will not let you add more for her to worry about. Leave. Now." Caelan nodded, and turned to the exit. But right before he pushed through the curtain he said,"How about we let Valkyrie choose for once?" And before Skulduggery could reply, he was gone. Then Valkyrie walked in, with Kenspeckle and Valkyrie behind. Skulduggery turned,"Hows the stomach?" Valkyrie grinned,"All better." Skulduggery nodded. Valkyries smile faded,"Wheres Caelan?" Skulduggery lied smoothly,"He decided it would be better to leave." Valkyrie glared,"You need to be nicer to people." Skulduggery shook his head,"Nonsense, Im to wonderful to give people an effort, seeing as theyre so inferior to me." The corners of Valkyries mouth tugged up, then she frowned.
"...Uh..." Skulduggery said.
Valkyrie looked around,"What?"
Kenspeckle looked at her,"Oh dear..."
Valkyrie crossed her arms, then sighed. Kenspeckle grabbed her now bright red arms and dragged her into the office agian. Skulduggery shook his head and followed. He leaned agianst the wall, crossing his arms, his facade now up agian.
"We need to figure out," Skulduggery said ,"Who changed you. And why."
Kenspeckle frowned, "I honestly thought it was just because of how badly my brilliance was missed." Valkyrie grinned. "Simple, your skins having a magical reaction to the medicine I gave you."  Valkyrie smiled,"As long as you can fix me up, I dont care." Kenspeckle frowned,"Which is exactly why im not this time." Valkyrie frowned,"Huh?" Then Fletcher walked in,"Ooh, I do like the sound of this.." Valkyrie glared,"I thought, by being my boyfriend, that implied you have to be nice to me?" Fletcher snorted,"Nonsense, never stopped you." Kenspeckle cleared his throat,"What would happen, Valkyrie, if  told you i disapproved of you call it, relationship." Fletcher frowned,"Why? Im such a wonderful person."
 Valkyrie smiled,"Then i'd tell you, Kenspeckle, not to be a prude."
"I agree," Skulduggery jumped in ,"You should wait until your, say, 58 till you start a relationship. Its statistically amazing, really, how many times your wrong." Valkyrie frowned,"Shut up."

"Steering the conversation back to where it made sense," Kenspeckle said ,"You shall stay with this rash until it fades naturally." Valkyrie frowned,"And how does that make sense?"

"Maybe itll teach use better skin care products?", Skulduggery suggested. Fletcher jumped in,"Or to be kinder to your boyfriend?"

Skulduggery looked at him,"That has an amazing zero percent to do with what we're talking about."

Fletcher shrugged, "Just a suggestion." Valkyrie looked at Kenspeckle,"Why?" Kenspeckle sighed,"As punishment for being irrational and for everyone wanting to kill you." Valkyrie glared,"Thats hardly fair." Kenspeckle smiled,"Nor is life. Now leave me, I need to go back to my brilliance." Fletcher nodded,"Im going back home to take a nap." Valkyrie nodded,"Ok, Bye." With a loud pop, Fletcher vanished, leaving Skulduggery and Valkryie alone. Valkyrie dropped her smile, and turned it into a glare. Skulduggery raised an eyebrow,"What did I do now?" Valkyrie glared some more,"What did you say to Caelan?" Skulduggery thought about defiance, then dropped it. He glared right back,"Why do you care?" Valkyrie seemed taken a little by suprise at the question. She glared more angirly,"Dont start. Hes my friend. I like him. He is nice." Skulduggery sighed,"I can tell hes dangerously close to dropping the act with Fletcher. You should have called me the second he came to the house. Hes on his best behavior with you, but what are you going to do when he looses control and trys to kiss you agian, or something of that sort. By the way, if that happens, I will shoot him." Valkyries face slackened, I can take care of myself." Skulduggery grabbed his hat, and pulled it over his head at a jaunty angle. "Well finish this conversation later. I think I know who to ask about Kenspeckles vampirism." Valkyries face looked much lighter, and happier then it had for the past few weeks. "Im so glad hes back." Speaking of people missing, we should talk to Nye." Skulduggery scoweled, "Why?" Valkyrie looked at her shoes,"For Tanith." Skulduggery paused, then nodded. "Fine." He started walking,"Do you want to see the car?" Valkyrie laughed,"Oh dear god. Help us all."

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

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Chapter 2
       Skulduggery thrummed his fingers on Chinas desk. China appeared from behind one of the book shelves, her beautiful form smiling as she recognized him. But Skulduggery didnt feel any tug of emotions at the sight of him. His suspiscions were confirmed at that moment. Skulduggery spoke,"Theres someone worse then you." That seemed to surprise China. She wasnt expecting that. She raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow. "What do you mean?" Skulduggery frowned,"Someone has your powers of tugging the emotions, only its growing. And i know for a fact its going to grow stronger then yours." China looked irritable. "Oh yes? And who is this?." Skulduggery looked into Chinas blue eyes.
   Valkyrie was in a complete state of shock. The only thing she registered was the little old man standing in front of her, looking fearful and nervous. Valkyrie numbly thought, impossible. But it couldnt be. She stepped foward and foward, stopping only when she was inches from Kenspeckle. She whispered,"Kenspeckle?" And he smiled, his eyes wrinkling. She swayed. Then Fletcher was there, supporting her. She turned and saw Caelan, baring his teeth at Fletcher. Maybe they had an argument. She didnt care. "Caelan. What.Is.This?" Caelan smiled, "Surprise." Only when she saw Kenspeckle eyeing Fletchers hands wrapped around her waist approachfully did her heart melt, lurching as it felt the familiar feeling of safety and care and sympathy and love and fatherliness coming from Kenspeckle. She grabbed Kenspeckle and yanked him into a tight hug, making him laugh. He hugged her back, and she whispered,"I missed you so much. I were dead." He stepped out of her hug, gripping her shoulders and looking her in the eye. "Theres something I need to tell you. Valkyrie I"- but Valkyries phone rang, and she cursed. "Thatll be Skulduggery. Im dead..." She muttered. She grabbed the phone and flipped it open. She answered with a tentative,"Hello?" Skulduggery answered, sounding deathly angry and scarily calm. "You better have a wonderful- and i mean wonderful- explanation of why your not at my house right now." She swallowed, "You need to come to the Hibernian. Now." Skulduggery paused,"Ill be there in two minutes." The line went dead. Valkyrie looked at Caelan,"You should go." He shook his head,"I need to help Grouse explain. Kenspeckle nodded nervously. "Maybe we should wait for Skulduggery to get back. So they stood in silence for a whole minute, until Skulduggery walked in and Valkyrie whirled around. Skulduggery looked over at Caelan, then at Valkyrie, then he saw Kenspeckle, and his eyes widened and he cursed under his breath. He stared at Valkyrie,"Whats going on." Valkyrie shook her head,"I dont know." Then Caelan cleared his throat. Skulduggery slowly turned to him. Then his hand twitched toward his belt and Valkyrie said,"Dont even think about it Skulduggery." Fletcher smiled in anticipation. Skulduggery spoke,"Choose your words next words very wisely."
"I came to your home when I saw you leave, I knew Valkyrie was there. I needed to show her Kenspeckle. So I went in, and told her i needed to show her something, so we went."
"Kenspeckles dead."
Kenspeckle jumped in,"Your right. I am."
 They all turned to him. Fletcher yelling angrily something about messing with Valkyrie, but Valkyries heart shattered all over agian. "But..."She whispered. Kenspeckle glared at Fletcher. "Shut up, boy." Fletcher continued yelling. "First the leech shows up and take her here! Then you tell her you let her belive your alive agian and hug her, and not tell her anything! I will NOT shut up!" Kenspeckle scoweled,"You will shut up, or I shall zap your mouth with a needle and your lips will fall to the ground." Kenspeckle turned to Valkyrie, "Sweetheart, you dont understand yet. Im here. Im going to be here for a while. You dont need to worry. You just dont understand. I am dead. Think about it. Im dead yet alive." Valkyrie stared, and then her brain shut down and she drew in a sharp breath. "No...Its not....Your....Vampire?" She heard Skulduggery curse agian and Fletcher gaped.
"I dont know who did it. I dont remeber anything. Caelan saw the person. But he disappeared. I have my potions. Ill never be a monster. Im the same.", Kenspeckle said pleadingly. Valkyrie looked in his eyes and saw the same fear she felt when she told Skulduggery about her being Darquesse. Then she understood, and her heart lifted agian. She hugged him fiercly for a moment and let go. The fear in his eyes had gone and she smiled. He smiled back. Skulduggery spoke,"Who turned you? No, the better question being, why?" Fletcher felt her shudder and wrapped an arm around her, hitting her stomach. The pain sprang up suddenly, and she doubled over, clutching her stomach. Fletcher yelled,"Valkyrie?" But she straightened up, eyes watering, to see Skulduggery in front of her,looking concerned. Then Kenspeckle shoved past,"Move." He lifted Valkyries top just so her pale flat abs were visible. "Your not allowed to look", Skulduggery groweled to Caelan. Valkyrie hid her blush with her hair and looked down at her stomach. She gasped,"What the hell?" Her stomach was completely purple, blue veins visible. "Kenspeckle muttered something and Skulduggery said,"That cant be from earlier today, can it?" Kenspeckled pulled her towards his lab and laid her on the bed, examining her stomach with a bright light. "What happened early today?" Kenspeckle asked. Skulduggery told him about the man with the black glove, and what he did. Kenspeckle glared at Valkyrie,"Why does everyone want to kill you so bad?" Valkyrie sighed. Skulduggery said,"Something tells me its not her amazing people skills." Fletcher snorted.
"Oh shut it"

Friday, July 29, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

       Caelan whipped past the walls and trash cans, jumping over fences or anything blocking his way without even pausing. He looked up and jumped from one wall to the other, landing on a roof somewhere. He sat on the edge and hung his legs over, watching the twinkling lights of Dublin. Then he heard a noise, of a heart beating once agian. Fluttering weakly and poorly. The heartbeat of a dying person. He stepped off the building and landed on the floor, following the trail of fluttering thumps. Then he heard voices, and hid behind a dumpster, peering in the crook that had fell off. He saw another Vampire, and he instinctively tensed, preparing to spring away. Then he heard a groan, and he leaned foward, looking closer. He saw a body on the ground, old, small and gray. It was stirring. The Vampire said,"I heard you were mortally afraid of Vampires? A pity." Caelan froze. It couldnt be. The body on the floor couldnt be Kenspeckle Grouse. He was dead. He saw Valkyrie Cain cry the first time at his funeral. He remebered wanting to grab her, pull her close, comfort her. But the Skeleton was next to her, arm around her strong shoulders. Caelan stepped up, being careful to make no noise. The Vampire continued, "You may ask yourself why I brought you back to life, but i advise you not to. Youll find out soon enough in your lifetime. Also, ill be to busy, destroying this irksome spy behind us." Caelan growled and sprinted away, then stopping right in front of the Vampire and flipping over him. But the Vampire was a better fighter then him, and much stronger, for her simply grabbed his torso and slammed Caelan into the cement, making a web of cracks. Caelan struggeled, snarling and baring his fangs. The Vampire paused, and widened his eyes,"Your Caelan....Well Caelan, its your lucky day. Im not going to kill you." The Vampire smiled,"We wil meet agian though. Dont you worry." And with that, the Vampire sprang onto the rooftop and disappeared. Caelan jumped up and ran over to the spot Kenspeckle lay. He was sitting in the corner of the alley, eyes wide and fearful, hands shaking. Caelan couldnt even spot a difference in Kenspeckles apperance. He didnt even know it was possible to bring a dead person back to life. He spoke,"Do you remeber anything?" Kenspeckle shook his head. "Im a....Im a monster...", Kenspeckle stated. Caelan nodded,"If you choose to be. But I have a feeling one girl in particular has been missing you very, very much."
    Kenspeckle cracked a smile.
       Valkyrie grabbed Fletchers hand and in the blink of an eye they were back at Skulduggerys house. Valkyrie groaned and collapsed onto the coach. She felt Fletchers hand on her shoulder,"Are you OK?" Valkyrie groaned agian. Fletcher sighed and started talking to Skulduggery. Valkyrie opened her eyes and saw all red, due to the fact they where on top of the couch. Valkyrie rolled over. She saw Fletcher sitting on the edge of the couch, and Skulduggery grab his hat. Valkyrie frowned, "Where are you going?" Skulduggery looked at her,"To rent a car." Valkyrie scoweled,"Im going." Skulduggery frowned,"Why? Your not going to come, Valkyrie." Valkyrie snarled,"I am most definietly coming. The last car you rented was purple. Purple. Really." Skulduggery laughed, "Ill get a black one this time." Valkyrie relaxed. "OK then", was all she said. Skulduggery shut the door behind him and the door to the bathroom opened. Valkyrie sprang up and tensed. Fletcher glared murderously at a spot behind her,"What are you doing here?" Valkyries heart sped up, and she whirled around to find Caelan staring at her. He ignored Fletcher and spoke only to her,"I need to show you something." Fletcher stepped up,"Wonderful, well all go." Caelan paused, then shrugged,"As you wish.",He replied, then stepped out the door. Valkyrie followed, and Fletcher grabbed her hand, holding it rather tightly. Valkyrie found her voice,"Where are we going,Caelan?" Caelan didnt turn,"It wont take long." Valkyrie looked at Fletcher questionably, and he shrugged. For the past five minutes they walked, then when they turned Fletched squeezed Valkyries hand tighter then it was and Valkyrie looked, only to have her throat choke and her stomach twist. The Hibernian Cinema stood in front of her. She stopped,"Caelan?" She asked. Caelan looked at her with gentle care, causing Fletcher to growl. Once agian, Caelan ignored him. "I need you to come, Valkyrie." Fletcher stepped up,"Look here Vamp, you cant just go around and mess with peoples feelings. Just because your a soulless monster doesnt mean you have to take it out on Valkyrie." Caelan glared at him with a glint in his eyes. "Im not here to take it out on Valkyrie. I need her to see something. And a pesky little twit like you wont stop me." Fletcher opened his mouth but Valkryie cut in,"Both of you, shut up. Caelan, just get on with it. Before Skulduggery comes home or he'll shoot you." Caelan nodded. He continued walking and Valkyrie followed. Fletcher muttered something, but trailed on. They walked through the abandoned theater, coming at a stop in front of the silvery screen that Valkyrie knew led to Kenspeckles building. Caelan put one pale hand on the silky screen, but before he pushed at it, he spoke ,"Keep mind before you judge, please." Valkyrie braced herself and nodded. Fletcher gave her a quick reassuring squeeze, and they walked stepped into the bright white Lab. There was somebody in front of them, and Valkyries jaw dropped and she squeaked out a shaky voice.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

   They drove on in silence. Then,as they turned left, a red car slammed into the side of the Bentley. Valkyrie screamed as the car flipped over and rolled, her head slamming painfully into the dashboard. Skulduggery roared ,"Get out NOW!" And Valkyrie fumbled with the seat belt. She kicked the car door open and leaped out of the car seconds before it collapsed into the promised mound of glass and metal. She sat up, rubbing her forehead. Skulduggery stood beside her. "I will miss her..." He murmured. Valkyrie opened her mouth to talk, but a shock went through her, sending her body into a lapse of painful jerking. She screamed and arched her back. Skulduggery whipped around and slammed into the man with one hand on Valkyries shoulder, and the second the hand lifted, the shock lessened into oblivion, leaving Valkyrie retching into the grass on all fours. She lifted her head and wiped the hair sticking to her face, clearing her vision. She saw Skulduggery and the attacker punching and ducking, swiping and kicking as fast as lightning, but every time Skulduggery went for a lock, the man slipped out, and every time he slipped out, he whipped a punch to Skulduggerys side. Valkyrie closed her fists, and summoned the shadows with her ring. She opened her hand and pushed, hurling a streak of shadows into the man, sending him sprawling. Skulduggery looked over to her and cocked his head, a telepathic way of asking if she was OK. She gave a fake thumbs up and forced a smile, and stood up. As she walked over to Skulduggerys side, the man straightened up. He stood and grinned at Valkyrie. "That hurt. You probrably broke one of my ribs, sweetheart." Skulduggery stepped up, "Who are you? And you better have a wonderful explanation of why you destroyed my prize possesion." Valkyrie glared in Skulduggerys direction. He cleared  his throat,"Oh, yes, and for hurting my partner." The man laughed,"Well she didnt do that good for herself, now did she?" Skulduggery cocked his head, and the man continued,"Maybe, if she hadnt possibly broken my ribs, I wouldnt have to destroy her. A shame to, such a pretty face." Valkyrie couldnt help it, she snorted. "Destroy? Honestly?" The man grinned a cocky grin and lifted his hand, which was now completely black, covered in red shadows swarming around a glove he was wearing. Valkyrie barely had time to let out a exsasperated ,"Damn." Before her body felt like its insides were being shattered, over and over agian. She screamed and dropped to her knees, arching her back and flexing her fists. She saw Skulduggery ram into the man with a smug smirk on his face, and screamed some more. Her insides felt like they were dying, yet she choked and stopped screaming. Taking fast, raging breaths and staggering up, she tryed to walk but went stumbling. She collapsed on the ground and gritted her teeth. Then, the pain lifted and Skulduggery Pleasant was crouched in front of her, saying things she didnt quite take in. Then, her hearing cleared and she heard ,"Are you OK? Valkyrie you answer me right now." Valkyrie groaned and staggered onto her elbows. Skulduggery grabbed her waist and pulled her up. Valkyrie swayed onto her own to feet and nodded,"That was fun." She rolled her shoulders and stifled the groan coming on. "Who was that?" Skulduggery shook his head,"I have no idea." He pressed something on his collarbone and skin slid up and covered his skull. "But your screams seemed to have gotten us noticed." Valkyrie looked around, and said ,"Ill call Fletcher." Skulduggery furrowed his eyebrows. "Why? Oh, the car." He said sadly. Valkyrie picked the phone up, and dialed every number in pain. Finally she gave up and handed the phone to Skulduggery. He looked at it with contempt. "What is this? Hes your boyfriend, isnt he? I dont like him. Havent I made that clear? I think i have." Valkyrie glared,"Answer. Now." Skulduggery sighed exsaperatedly. He grabbed the phone. Valkyrie smiled,"Good....Skeleton." She frowned, "Not exactly how I wanted it to sound..." She murmured. Skulduggery spoke,"Come, boy."
Valkyrie hid her smile. She could just see Fletchers expression.
"What is not understandable about that sentence? You need to pick us up." "Yes, of course Valkyries here." "Fine. Wonderful. Other then the fact her organs have almost exploded." Valkyrie heard a loud noise from the phone. Skulduggery scoweled into the phone. He looked over at Valkyrie, "Take the phone, before i shoot it. Valkyrie sighed and grabbed the phone. "What Fletcher?"
"What the hell Valkyrie?"
"What happened."
"To who or what?"
"You. And the Bentley, im curious why you cant just drive here, instead of wake me from my beauty sleep."
Valkyrie laughed,"Never,ever, say that statement agian. Can you please just pick us up, and then Skulduggery be honored  to explain everything to you, while I take a hot bath." She heard Fletcher grumble, and then a exsasperated,"Fine, Valkyrie." Valkyrie flipped the phone closed, and layed onto the grass.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

         Her date with Fletcher had gone quite nicely, though she had the feeling he was staring at her most of the time. They had sat by the pier, eating the picnic Fletcher had made them. It was relaxing, and Valkyrie had truly enjoyed it. Other than the part where they strolled over the Tanith and Kenspeckle subject, it was very enjoyable.
         Now she was outside her house, feeling the odd sensation of going through the door. She was more used to going through the window, but her Reflection was hiding in her room, for Valkyrie had called it earlier and old it to tell her parents she was out for a stroll. Valkyrie paused with her hand hovering over the door knob. She took a deep breath, and gripped the handle as tightly as possible. Right before it swung open, she forced a big grin on her face. She walked in the house, then froze, as both parents stared at her. Her mother asked,"Whats wrong with your face?" Valkyrie scoweled and muttered,"Nothing mum..." Suddenly Desmond Edgley jumped down the stairs, his chest puffed out proudly, and his chin up. That was, before he tripped and had to un-puff his chest, grabbing the nearest chair for support. He straightened his tall frame and scoweled, muttering to himself. "Ahem. Anywho...guess who just finished a new building 3 miles away?" Melissa Edgley smiled and murmured,"Dont lose it agian..." Desmond looked up,"Huh?" Melissa froze,"Nothing dear..." Valkyrie smiled to herself, wandering off into the kitchen. Her stomach groweled, and she decided 2 days was not a good amount of time not to eat anything. As her hand reached for an apple, a scream rang through the house, and her heart dropped into her shoes. Valkyrie bolted into the living room, chest heaving, when she saw Melissa gripping her stomach and gritting her teeth. "Whats wrong Mum?" Her mother looked up and forced a smile,"The baby just decided to show me how strong it was getting, thats all." Valkyrie felt her heart ease back into her chest, and her breathing calmed. She smiled a genuine smile, and climbed up to her room.
         She shut the door behind her and un dressed, changing into the black and red clothes Ghastly Bespoke made for her. Valkyrie handed the Reflection the discarded clothes, and the Reflection caught them without missing a beat and put them on. "What was the screaming?" Her reflection asked. Valkyrie shrugged,"Nothing, no one got hurt." The Reflection nodded silently. It peered at Valkyrie without saying a word. Valkyrie scoweled,"What?"
"You look different. You....feel different."
Valkyrie stared blankly. "Whats that supposed to mean then?"  The Reflection shrugged,"You know how China Sorrows makes people fall in love?" Valkyrie raised an eyebrow. "Ya?" The reflection nodded,"Your starting that to. Fletcher noticed it to." Ah, Valkyrie thought, so thats what he was staring for. No, wait, she did not have Chinas powers. The thought was ridiculous. "Your insane." Valkyrie said. The reflection stared,"Go see Skulduggery or China, see what they say." Valkyrie frowned, "No...I dont need to?" The reflection shrugged, and walked downstairs. Valkyrie stared at the spot the reflection vanished and shook her head. Then she picked her phone up and flipped it open, pressing buttons with her thumb and dialing Skulduggerys number. She held the phone to her ear with her shoulder, and played with her thumbs. On the third ring it answered, and Skulduggery Pleasant, in his smooth velvety voice pronounced,"I am a genius." Valkyrie smiled into the phone,"Is that so...?" Skulduggery answered,"Yes."
"Yes. Why are you a genius?"
Silence on the other end. Then Skulduggery said,"I just am. My geniusness is visible to everyone, even though you decided to be stubborn and not accept the fact I, am just superior to you." Valkyrie shook her head,"You keep telling yourself that, Skulduggery, though no matter how 'genius' you are, 'geniusness' will never, ever be a word. Um.. I have a question." The other end lasped in silence agian,"Yes?" Valkyrie swallowed,"Is it possible to...gain powers you never knew you had over time?" Skulduggery was silent, then said,"I suppose. It has happened in past history. Why?" Valkyrie froze,"Um...No reason." Theres no question he knows somethings up, Valkyrie thought. Skulduggery replied,"Valkyrie?"
"You dont need to be scared of me judging you. I would never do that."
Valkyrie frowned,"I know. You coming to pick me up?"
"Oh yes....Yes ok."
Valkyrie hung up. "Nice going Valkyrie..." She muttered. "Whos Valkyrie?" Valkyrie whipped around, to see her mom leaning agianst the door frame. Valkyrie forced a smile,"A friend."
"Which one?"
".....The friendly one?"
"Well thats good then." Valkyries mom peered at her,"Did you change?" Valkyrie froze,"Yes...I spilled water over my other clothes." Valkyries mom nodded. "Oh...ok then. Bye love." And with that her mother walked out.
  Valkyrie un latched the window, leaping out and landing gracefully in a crouch. She froze,"Woah..." That was the first time she jumped down the two story building without magic. She paused, then grinned. "Im so telling Skulduggery that..." She straightened up and lifted her head to see a black car in front of her. She strolled over to the car, hands in pocket, and climbed into the passengers seat of the Bentley. She turned to click her seat belt in, and lifted her head to see Skulduggery peering at her, head cocked. Valkyrie scoweled,"Why is everyone staring at me today.."
       "That was quite a jump, Valkyrie. Anyway... remeber the last time you were confused about something, and you didnt go to me? How you were almost the reason for the nearing apocalypse?" Valkyrie scowl intensified,"Yes?" Skulduggery continued,"Maybe you should tell me why your having questions about your powers." Valkyrie swallowed,"Its really nothing. Its a ridiculous thought..its just that Fletcher, and the reflection, and my mum, they were all staring at me, like there was something wrong with my face. Then the reflection said....something about powers, and China Sorrows...gabber really, nothing to worry about." Skulduggery nodded slowly," were wondering if it was possible that your powers are growing, perhaps similar or equal to China Sorrows?" Valkyrie nodded,"Is it possible?" Skulduggery nodded pleasantly,"Oh yes, quite. But, though i sense something different about you, I find that another set of powers is nothing for us to worry about. It could of just been China in her Remnant form last year. Her body was infectious as the Remnant was making her powers weak, and when she touched you, they could of burned into you." He paused. "Though of course you find it that with new powers, your better then me. Which is of course perposterous." She nodded slowly, " I could be like..China?" She slowly started the beginnings of a smile, imagining Chinas face as she realised she gave Valkyrie her powers with a single touch. But Skulduggery was still rambling,"Seeing as I am superior to everyone, espescially you." Valkyrie laughed,"OK, OK, I get it Skulduggery. Answer my question." He nodded,"Its highly possible, but as I said, nothing to worry about." His voice softened, "See...That wasnt so bad, was it." Valkyrie glared, "Shut up. Where are we going, anyway." He glanced back at the road, "A little wonderful place." Valkyrie raised an eyebrow,"Really?" He kept his composure, then faltered,"Good God no." Valkyrie sighed and relaxed into her chair,"Cant wait then."