Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

Valkyrie muttered,"I told you so." They all looked at her. Skulduggery stared,"Excuse me?"

"Did I not say, 'bad things always happen at the Sanctuary'? And what did you say?" She mimed a poorly done, low Skulduggery voice,"Stop being so pessimisstic, Valkyrie. You dont know anything, Valkyrie. Blah blah blah, Valkyrie."

"First, I do not, nor will I EVER, talk like that. Second, shut up."

Valkyrie glared at him. She crossed her arms, "So"- But she stopped. They all froze, as a low roar came from the floor. The ground beneath Valkyrie cracked and Skulduggery yelled,"Valkyrie move!" As Billy-Ray Sanguine grabbed her ankles and pulled her into the ground. The last thing she saw was Skulduggerys foot as she sank into the ground.
Skulduggery paused. "Dammit." Erskine stared at the floor, which was webbed with cracks, then looked at Ghastly, "Now what?"

Ghastly stared,"How the hell am I supposed to know?" Erskine frowned,"Your an Elder." Ghastly glared,"Your the Grand Mage." Erskine frowned,"Damn." Then the ground erupted agian and Valkyrie Cain went shooting out, going about ten feet in the air, and falling down. Sanguine emerged from the floor also, and swayed. Valkyrie dropped in front of him, and Skulduggery ran over to her. He grabbed her hand, and lifted her up. She giggled,"Your a Skeleton." She said woozily. They all gaped at her, except Sanguine, who appeared to be remebering how to walk. Skulduggery frowned,"Valkyrie...?" She laughed drunkly,"Yesss?" Skulduggery frowned. Valkyrie made a show of looking past Skulduggery, at the three people standing behind him, gaping. She shrieked,"I know you!" She pointed to Ghastly,"And you!" She pointed to Erskine. "Oooh, I dont like you. Nope nope nope, your very annoying." She pointed at Blaine. She took a step, then groaned and clutched at her leg, which was bleeding. "Owchie. That hurts. Bad." Skulduggery looked, and sighed,"Come on Valkyrie, lets get you to Kenspeckle." He pulled her up, put she couldnt walk. "You have got to be joking..." He muttered. He sighed agian and lifted her up. Ghastly and Erskine followed Skulduggery into the car. Blaine yelled,"What about me?" Erskine scoweled,"I suppose you have to come." Skulduggery plopped Valkyrie into the front seat, and turned toward Sanguine. "Sanguine?" He turned slowly and walked woozily into the car. The four men where squished in the back seat, and Skulduggery looked at them and laughed. He got in the car and shook his head, "Ill call Fletcher." The three men got up, but Sanguine stayed inside. Skulduggery looked at Valkyrie. She giggled and reached for him,"Youve got no skin, Skulduggery!" Skulduggery reached down and plucked the phone from her pocket. He looked through her contacts and pressed the button named Fletcher Renn. It rang three times, and then an irritable voice answered.
"Fletcher, I need you to come to the Sanctuary."
"Because all of us wont fit in the car. Ill explain later, just come." Valkyrie looked up,"Oooh, thats my boyfriend! Tell him I said Hello!" Fletcher paused,"Was that Valkyrie?" Skulduggery sighed,"Just come!" He hung up and threw the phone in Valkyries lap. It hit her right thigh, and she cringed. Skulduggery picked her up and turned, to see Fletcher standing there, looking concerned. "What happened toValkyrie?" Skulduggery looked at her, and she reached for Fletchers hair,"Oooh....Its all pointy. Like a little porcipine. Or is it a beaver...?" She giggled,"Oh well!" Fletcher gaped. "What did you do to Valkyrie?" Sanguine stumbeled out of the car. He looked at Fletcher from the floor. "She...her coat.....bomb.....kill..." Skulduggery ripped her coat off and they saw a tiny chip flashing from the coat, he launched the coat onto the rubble that used to be the Sanctuary, and they all looked at her. He frowned,"Oh dear." Valkyries vest was now shredded, leaving her chest almost completly visible, had it not been for bra she was wearing. Skulduggery wrapped his jacket around her, and snarled at Blaines grinning form. Blaine sobered up at once, and Fletcher scoweled,"Whos that?" Skulduggery shook his head and said,"Kenspeckles." Fletcher nodded, and everyone stuck their hand out. Fletcher put his on top, and they all appeared in Kenspeckles Lab. Kenspeckle whirled around, saw Valkyrie limp, (now sleeping), in Skulduggerys arms, and cursed under his breath. "Give her to me" Skulduggery handed Kenspeckle Valkyrie, who just woke up. "Ohh! Everyones here! Are we having a party?" Kenspeckle stared at Valkyrie. He turned around and walked into the other room, Skulduggery, Fletcher, Ghastly, and Erskine following. They watched as Kenspeckle examined her. Skulduggery cleared his throat,"You might want to, er, pull the blinds over before you take off that jacket." Kenspeckle shook his head exasperatedly. He yanked the blinds around Valkyrie and they all stood there. Erskine shook his head,"This day is just odd." Then Caelan walked in. They all froze, and Skulduggery groaned,"Tell me about it." He looked over at Caelan,"What do you want?" Then the curtains yanked back, to see Valkyrie in a blue robe, gazing blearily at them all. "What happened?" Kenspeckle poked her leg and she yelled a curse word, jumping back. He tittered,"Stay still. Ill be back." Caelan stared at her,"What happened?" Valkyrie looked over at Sanguine and scoweled, this is all his fault. He took us to an odd place, and then there was a man, he shot a dart at me, he did something to Sanguine, and I flew out of the floor." Skulduggery cocked his head,"A dart? He must be very old-fashioned." Valkyrie glared,"Thats what your worried about?" Skulduggery frowned, actually, Im more worried about how were in a room where 4 out of 6 people like you better then me." Valkyrie stuck her tounge out at him and looked around. She scoweled,"Whats Blaine doing here? Where are my clothes?" Skulduggery cleared his throat loudly, and Valkyrie blushed and groaned,"Your kidding me." Blaine grinned,"Well I enjoyed it." Erskine snapped,"Blaine!" Fletcher glared,"And who are you, agian?" Blaine smirked,"The guy your girlfriends secretly in love with, even if she just hasnt realised it." Skulduggery groweled,"Blaine, get out. Wait in the other room." Blaine scoweled and trudged to the door.

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