Thursday, August 4, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

       Valkyries eyelids fluttered, and the first thing she saw was Kenspeckle, looking grumpy and exasperated. He glared at her, and she shrank back. "How much trouble am I in now?" She squeaked, her voice raspy from yelling. Kenspeckle raised his eyebrows,"I am not mad at you, more like baffled on why you went to a dark alley, with a murderous Vampire, by yourself." Valkyrie sighed,"He's not murderous, Kenspeckle. But do you recall the last time Cealan told me he had to show me something important?" Kenspeckle glared some more,"Don't give me that, Valkyrie."

       She sighed and tried to move her head away, but it was so stiff it could barely adjust. "So Im cured?"

       He growled harmlessly. "Of course your cured. What have I always told you?,"He said
       She grinned,"Your a genius?" Kenspeckle softened, and smiled back,"And your cured." He hesitated,"I called Clarabelle the other day."

       Valkyrie stiffened,"And...?," Kenspeckle looked grave,"She wouldn't believe me. I told her to come to the Hibernian." Valkyrie looked doleful,"Im sorry. It was our fault, we shouldn't have let her come back to see-" But Kenspeckle cut her off and raised his hand, eyes closed. "I do not blame you, my dear, nor do I blame anyone else." Valkyrie looked downcast. Kenspeckle rapidly changed the subject.
"I for one, cannot wait for you to see Skulduggery."

       Valkyrie glowered, then faltered. She looked worrisome,"He's going to be so mad," She said softly. Kenspeckle nodded absently, "Yes, that he is." He smiled wanly at her,"Im going to go tell him your OK." He went to leave, but stopped at the last moment,"Oh, and I meant to tell you. That Renn boy, he donated some of his blood to you. You now have some of his DNA." Valkyrie stared,"That is creepy on so many levels." He turned again and opened the door. Skulduggery came storming in, and Valkyrie flinched back. He stopped, and crossed his arms over his chest. Valkyrie waited. Skulduggery's scarf was loose, and his jaw was taut.  He spoke.
    At this, Skulduggery exploded,"I've been looking out for you, Valkyrie! I've been trying to keep you safe, I've been training you, I've been watching over you! For what? So you can just throw away everything you've been training for and get yourself killed? Or is it because you think your better now? You think your strong enough now? You don't care that its dangerous, because the great Valkyrie Cain, Death Bringer, Darquesse, slayer of the known world, is strong enough to take care of herself!"
    Kenspeckle stepped forward, and glared at Skulduggery,"Thats enough." But Skulduggery didn't have enough yet. He wasn't finished. "Stay out of it, Professor!" He turned towards Valkyrie again, and as he opened his mouth, she cut him off angrily,"Thats not why, Skulduggery, and you know it isn't! I was mad, I was distracted, and the last time Caelan told me he had something important, we found Kenspeckle! And if you don't want to watch over me, as you put it, then fine! Don't!" She looked away, eyes filled with angry, and a little hurt, tears.
    Skulduggery hesitated, and when he spoke, his voice showed that he regretted what he said. "Valkyrie, I didn't mean that. Your right, I'm sorry. But you could have told me, and I would have came. This wouldn't have happened." Valkyrie wiped her eyes quickly and looked back at him. Her voice was still angry. Skulduggery seemed to know he hit a nerve. She glowered,"I know that."

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