Monday, August 1, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

       Caelan watched from the shadows as Valkyrie walked out, her skin bright red, with Skulduggery. He saw Valkyrie look at Skulduggery, and they talked for a while. Caelan watched Valkyries hair whip around her head, her dark eyes shimmering. Caelan thought she was getting more gorgeous. He thought about Valkyrie until he heard a noise and whipped around. He saw Kenspeckle standing there, looking angry.

"Oh im sorry, please, continue your stalking by all means." Kenspeckle said.

Caelan growled. "What do you want?" Kenspeckle eyed him,"You took my potions. You may keep half, and the notes, but I need some now." Caelan nodded, "Ill be back." Kenspeckle watched as Caelan left, and shuddered. He waddeled back into his office. He sat, thinking of Clarabelle, and saw the phone. He grabbed it, and dialed a familiar number. It rang two times, then answered.

A voice answered, sounding drained and sad,"Hullo?" Kenspeckle cleared his throat,"Clarabelle? I think you should come back." The othe side was silent for so long, Kenspeckle feared she hung up. Then she replied,"K-K-Kenspeckle?" Her voice sounded frightened and nervous and unbeliving. Kenspeckle answered,"Please, come back and we can explain." Then the other side exploded,"IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE?" And she kept screaming until she yelled,"Goodbye!"
But before she hung up, Kenspeckle heard a sob.
Valkyrie walked out of the Hibernian. She looked at the, as promised, black car with a nice sleek body parked in front of them. She smiled,"Acceptable." Skulduggery scoweled,"Your damn right it is, cost me half my skeleton, that." Valkyrie smiled,"Dont be ridiculous, I still see it." She opened the car door, and sat in the leather seat, pulling her seatbelt over her chest.

"So where are we going?", Valkyrie asked. Skulduggery looked at her, "To the Sanctuary." Valkyrie groaned. "What?" Skulduggery asked. "Oh nothing, its just that everytime we go there something bad happens." Skulduggery shook his head,"Stop being so pessimisstic. We just need to ask someone something." Valkyrie eyed him,"Who?" Skulduggery cleared his throat,"Youll see." Valkyrie sighed,"Im not going to like this..."

Skulduggery shook his head,"You never do." They pulled into the Sanctuary, parking farther away just to be safe. Valkyrie looked over to the side of the road, staring at a spot she thought she saw something. Skulduggery looked at her,"Something the matter?" Valkyrie shook her head and tore her gaze away,"No. Nothing." Skulduggery nodded and held the door open for her, and she walked in. The icy air shot at her senses and she shivered,"Why is it so cold?!" Skulduggery shrugged,"Is it?" They walked through the hallway and up to a handsome boy in a dark teal suit, leaning agianst the cold wall. His eyes raked through Skulduggery, then sized Valkyrie from her toes to her head, and raised an eyebrow. They neared, and he grinned,"Hello, lovely." Valkyrie raised a cold eyebrow. Skulduggery cleared his throat,"Sorry, but your not my type." Valkyrie tried to conceal her grin. "Anyway, we need to get in." The boy  rolled his eyes ,"Dont look at me. Im just trying to get away from him." Skulduggery cocked his head,"Who?" The boy scoweled,"Dont know his name, dont want to. Came storming in earlier, ranting about some Vampire I think." Valkyrie jumped in,"Did you get a name?" The boy grinned cockily,"'Fraid not, darling. But could I get yours?" Valkyrie smiled like a parent agreeing with a two year old. "Valkyrie." He rolled the name off his tounge,"Valkyrie. Hm. I like." He grinned agian. Valkyrie nodded,"Because your opinion mean so much to me, that warms my heart."
         Skulduggery spoke,"Look, boy." The boy inturupted him,"Blaine Skar." Skulduggery nodded,"Blaine, do you know how we get in there?" The boy raised an eyebrow,"The door?" Skulduggery turned, to see a door handle appear out of the wall straight ahead. He strolled over,"Oh." They walked through, Blaine joining them. Valkyrie raised an eyebrow,"I thought you were trying to get out of here?" The boy winked,"Yes, but now I have entertainment. Anyways I cant leave." Skulduggery spoke without turning his head,"Why?"  The boy scoweled,"Not allowed." Skulduggery muttered sarcastically,"That explains it." Blaine laughed. They turned a corner and saw Ghastly Bespoke talking to Erskine Ravel. Ghastyly, looking tired, his scars illuminated in the bright light. Erskine, looking handsome, with narrowed dark eyes and matching hair. Ghastly looked up as they neared, and smiled exhaustedly,"Hello."  Erskine shook hands with Skulduggery, and smiled warmly at Valkyrie. Valkyrie, who liked him very much, smiled back just as warmly. Then Erskines eyes slid over to Blaine, who was loftily sizing Valkyrie agian. Erskine scoweled,"Blaine, leave that girl alone." Ghastly glanced over, and smiled at Valkyrie, who felt uncomfortable, feeling Blaines eyes on her. She wrinkled her nose in return, and he turned back to Skulduggery. Blaine grinned jauntily,"Keeping myself from becoming to bored, thats all." Erskine smiled apoligetically at her,"Sorry Valkyrie. I have the pleasure of taking care of Blaine here, for the month." Valkyrie frowned,"Why?" Blaine scoweled and leaned agianst the wall, arms crossed over his chest. Erskine continued,"Blaine got in a little trouble for making some mayhem with a group of mortals. Instead of a year in a cell, a month with me, because were sort of full." Valkyrie nodded. Skulduggery spoke,"While the life of an irritating boy is so facsinating, i need to ask Ghastly something." Erskine frowned, "To  important for the likes of me?" Skulduggery shook his head,"Itd be better if you come to. We should talk somewhere more private. The Elders room?" Erskine eyed Valkyrie,"Vallkyrie would have to stay outside. Its not our choice, but you have to." Skulduggery looked at her,"Ill tell you everything afterwards?" Valkyrie nodded, then wrinkled her nose at the idea of staying alone with Blaine. Skulduggery frowned, not seeming to like the idea to much either. "Lets go," Ghastly said. And they walked into a room with a black door. Valkyrie leaned agianst the wall, hands wrapped around her newly fixed stomach. Blaine leaned next to her, sideways, so he faced her. "Well, theyll probrably be gone for a while..." He winked, and went to put a hand on her waist. She clicked her fingers and burnt that hand, and he yelped. She smiled and winked right back, "Try that agian, and it wont be your hand ill burn."

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