Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

       It turned out Valkyries leg bone was shattered. She spent 2 hours laying in a tub of special mud. Skulduggery, Ghastly, and Erskine stood in a circle, talking about Aeron. Blaine was slouched in a chair, and Caelan was hidden in the corner, leaning agianst the wall and glaring at Fletcher, who was standing next to Valkyrie and holding her hand. Kenspeckle walked in and shooed Fletcher away, closing the blinds and helping Valkyrie out of the tub. When they got a robe around her, she limped over to Skulduggery. He looked at her,"All better?" Valkyrie smiled, but before she could speak, the phone in Skulduggerys pocket rang. He took it out and held it out for Valkyrie. "Its yours." Valkyrie looked like she was about to ask why he had her phone, but thought better of it, and answered the phone. "Hello?"
The reflection answered in her cold voice,"Your mothers having her child."
Valkyries jaw dropped, and she hissed,"No! Dammit! Ill be there!"
The reflection answered,"Fine. Hurry."
Valkyrie flipped the phone closed and looked at Skulduggery,"My moms in labor! How do I go there with a limp? What do I wear?!" Skulduggery cursed under his breath. Valkyrie started to panic. Skulduggery shook his head,"Calm down. Kenspeckle, do you still have Clarabelles things?" Kenspeckle eyed him warily,"Yes?" Skulduggery looked at her,"Take some of her clothes. Say you fell down the stairs." Valkyrie nodded. Fletcher teleported her to Clarabelles room, and Valkyrie grabbed the nearest things she could find. She paused and glared at Fletcher. "Stand in the corner!" Fletcher sighed and turned, his head leaned on the wall. Valkyrie whipped on the clothes, and then grabbed Fletchers shoulder. "To my room!" The Reflection was lounging on her bed, and sighed irritably when she saw the couple, starting to undress. Valkyrie kissed Fletcher quickly,"Leave, Bye." Fletcher vanished, and Valkyrie put on the Reflections discarded clothes. She raced down the stairs, and at the last step she tumbeled down purpousley. She cursed and put on an expression of fake pain. Her dad glanced at her,"Come on!" Valkyrie nodded nervously and they all raced in the car. Her mother gripped Desmonds hand tightly and took deep fast breaths. Her dad sped down the highway to the nearest Hospital, which was mercifully 5 minutes away.
         They ran in and Valkyrie held her mothers hands and helped her up and her father talked to the man at the desk. Five minutes later, they were in a plain white room, her mother laying on the bed, a blanket over her as the Nurse was bent over her lower half, looking up. Before Valkyrie thought possible, there was a wail and her new sister was in her mothers arms. The screaming child was covered in blood, before the doctor grabbed her and put her in the incubator, poking and prodding her. Valkyrie looked at her, Alisons bright blue eyes narrowed and wrinkled. Her round pink cheeks puffed out as her red lips widened. She screamed and screamed, until she was given to Valkyrie. Valkyrie held her in an awkward cradle, though Alison looked comfortable. Once Alison was sure the Nurse was done poking her, she smiled at Valkyrie, her toothless mouth opened in a smiled. Valkyrie took out her phone and snapped a picture, making a note to show everyone. She cooed at Alison, snuggiling her new sister. She had a head full of dark hair, like Valkyries, though her eyes were exactly her fathers. Desmond held his eyes out,"Give her to me." Valkyrie obeyed, and Desmond held her close,"Whos the pretty baby?" He cooed over and over. They took turns holding her, and when Valkyrie got her agian, Alison smiled and vomited all over her top. Valkyrie retched and handed her to her father, who was roaring with laughter. After she cleaned herself up, the Doctors messed with Alison agian, and they got to go home. Valkyrie grabbed Alison back,"Please dont throw up on me agian, pretty girl.", She murmured. Alison grinned, her gums flashing, and Valkyrie smiled back. While Valkyrie went upstairs to change, her phone rang, and Skulduggery answered.
"Valkyrie, we have a small problem."
Valkyrie scoweled,"What, Skulduggery?"
Skulduggery paused,"Er, Fletcher and Caelan got into a fight, and I cant find either of them."
Valkyrie cursed,"Fine, come pick me up."
"Ok, Ill be there in 2 minutes."
"Im flying", he added.
Valkyrie hung up, and touched her mirror. The Reflection walked out,"Back so soon?" Valkyrie scoweled and changed into her outfit Ghastly Bespoke made her, and jumped out the window. She went to land in a graceful crouch, but a pain shot through her leg and she yelped and her hands went instinctively to her leg, and she fell on her face. When she rolled over, Skulduggery Pleasant was offering her his gloved hand. She gripped it and he yanked her up. He looked at her,"Hows your new sister?" Valkyrie grinned, looking more happy then she had in weeks. "Alisons wonderful. Her head isnt even that abnormal!" Skulduggery laughed and said,"Cheers then." Valkyrie took out her phone,"Here she is." She showed Skulduggery the image, and Skulduggery smiled, amused by Valkyries glee.    
       Valkyrie nodded absently, and looked at the picture. Skulduggery wrapped an arm around her waist and they flew, over the rooftops so no one would spot them. Valkyrie grinned, loving the feeling of flying. Skulduggerys training had changed since Tanith had the Remnant transformation, and they focused more on her Necromancer and Elemental powers, and her flying hadnt really brought her more than a hover lately. They landed, and Skulduggery unwrapped his hand from her. They strolled into the theater, passed the moldy, moth covered seats and walked into the bright white Lab Kenspeckle owned. He smiled warmly at Valkyrie,"How is your new sister?" Valkyrie grinned, and showed him the picture. He grinned back, seeing how much this meant to her, and he laughed as she instantly showed Erskine and Ghastly the picture as they walked in. Blaine swaggered in, hands in pocket and Valkyrie glared at him, still uncomfortable of him seeing her without her shirt on. He grinned cockily, guessing her reason for glaring, and she flushed a furious red. She crossed her arms and turned toward Erskine,"Why is he still here?" Erskine glared at Blaine,"I told you, Im stuck with the brat until he works off his jail time." Valkyrie sighed and looked at Skulduggery,"So what happened to Fletcher and Caelan?" Skulduggery shrugged, "We were all in the other room, then we heard yelling, we came out and they were gone." Valkyrie sighed, and walked into the other room, and dialed Fetchers number. It answered on the first ring,"Dont talk to me."
Valkyrie frowned,"Whats wrong?"
"Caelan told me everything."
Valkyrie froze, her heart dropping to her stomach, her body freezing. She spluttered,"Fletcher, I" But he hung up, and Valkyrie gaped at the phone. She groaned and sank into the nearest chair, face buried in hands. Kenspeckle walked over to her and she heard his voice, sounding concerned,"Valkyrie? Whats wrong?" Valkyrie peeked through her hands and said, her voice strained and shaky,"I just lost my boyfriend."

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