Monday, August 1, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

     Fletcher popped in front of his house, a two story black house, modest and pretty, with a large front yard and a large tree. Fletcher wondered if his mom planted the flowers on the windowsills, that he watered every other day. He walked up to the door, until a body slammed into him. He flew into the tree in front of his house, and grunted as a fist slammed into his face. He groweled and teleported behind the attacker, and kicked his legs beneath him. The man went sprawling, and Fletcher looked at his face. He had raven black hair, and he had bright red eyes. His tan skin was covered with sweat, as if hed been running a long way. He had pale thin lips, and his eyes closed as his hand twitched, and he spoke,"Wheres Valkyrie Cain?" and Fletcher dived to the side as a stream of black shadows hurtled toward him. It caught flame to the tree somehow, and Fletcher roared in fury and dived into him, teleporting to the gym and grabbing a dumbbell, then teleporting back and swinging it into his head. Fletcher teleported inside and grabbed a bucket, filled it with water, and put out the tree fire. He teleported into the police station and grabbed a taser, then teleported back and jabbed it in the mans thigh. He then grabbed the man and teleported into the top of his roof, and threw him down with all force. He jumped down and landed on the mans limp body. Once he was sure the man was unconcious, he grabbed his phone and dialed Valkyries number. He muttered to himself,"Please answer..." And then it answered, to Valkyries voice.
"Valkyrie. Are you with Skulduggery?!"
"Not at this exact moment, as account of me going back to the car and getting his extra gun. Why? Fletcher what do you know?"
Fletcher spoke fast,"Someones coming for you, he just attacked me, I think its the man who attacked you earlier." He heard Valkyrie mutter something that sounded like,"Hes getting annoying..." And then Valkyrie spoke up,"Fletcher Ill be fine. Were far away, anyway, where is he?" Fletcher glared at the sidewalk,"Fine. Hes under my feet, unconcious." He heard nothing, then a deep breath,"Fletcher bring him to Kenspeckles in 90 seconds when I hang up. Ill call Kenspeckle. Bye." The line went dead.
       Valkyrie dialed Kenspeckle as fast as she could. It answered on first ring,"Valkyrie?"
"Fletchers coming"
"Oh, joy." He spat drily. Valkyrie rolled her eyes,"He has the man who attacked me earlier, i need you to hold him for me. Please? Me and Skulduggery are doing something important right now."
"Fine." Valkyrie smiled,"Thanks. Bye." Valkyrie hung up, and snatched the gun from the seat and ran towards Skulduggery. He was waiting by the front door of the house, and grabbed the gun from her. "Thanks." Valkyrie spoke,"Fletcher has the man who attacked me. Hes bringing him to Kenspeckles." Skulduggery froze and stared her down,"Kenspeckle knows?" She nodded. He cocked his head,"Wonderful. Do remind me to give the boy a pat on the head, will you?" Valkyrie glared. Skulduggery smiled. "Ill take that as a no..." They walked in, and Valkyrie pointed to her ring, feeling a sense of deja vu. Last year, in the house filled with dead bodies. He looked at her. She nodded and mouthed Death. Skulduggery stared around the house, and peeked through door by door. Finally he peeked through one and nodded. They walked in to see 4 dead teenagers, horror frozen forever on their faces, pale and throats ripped savagely. There was definitaley a Vampire in here. She walked out and Skulduggery followed, and he wrapped an arm around her waist and flew them to the top step of the stairs. They crept toward a door, hearing groaning noises, sounding like a man in pain. Skulduggery opened the door and they walked in. The second Valkyrie stepped in, she heard a snarl and Skulduggery shoved her out of the way of a man pouncing toward her. Skulduggery wrapped his skeletal amrms around the Vampires snarling figure and threw him away from her. The Vampire kept his eyes locked on Valkyrie. She stepped foward and he bared his teeth. His blond shaggy hair framing his thin hollow face. He was handsome, in a creepy way. Skulduggery spoke,"You will not hurt me or my partner, not because you wont try, but because I am amazingly amazing and you wont be able to." The Vampire kept his eyes on Valkyrie but spoke,"It was stupid to bring her here. She wont survive." Skulduggery spoke,"Did I not just point out that she will? Or was I just thinking it?" Valkyrie spoke,"When were you turned." The Vampire snarled,"3 days ago." Valkyrie replied,"Do you know who turned you? Or why?" The Vampire took a deep shuddering breath and groweled softly. She wondered why Kenspeckle, a new born Vampire, didnt have to use effort to keep his cool around her. The Vampire spoke,"His name was, I belive, Alexandre Ruse. He did speak, but I only caught words." Skulduggery spoke,"What words?"
"Hm...A man....Grouse I belive was his name. And a girl. Valkyrie, Valkyrie Cain was her name." Valkyrie sucked in a breath and looked at Skulduggery. He stiffened. "Thank you. Were going to leave now." The Vampire smiled,"But you just got here?" He slammed into Skulduggery suddenly, and they wrestled. Leaving Valkyrie, trying to get a shot at the Vampire, with no safe spot to choose, fearing hurting Skulduggery. The Vampire lifted Skulduggery and Valkyrie took her shot. She shot a spike of shadow at the Vampires leg, splintering it. He howeled, and threw Skulduggery through the window. Valkyrie scoweled,"Bloody hell." The Vampire bound toward her and she jumped over it, storming through the door. She slid down the banister of the stairs and jumped off too early, using the air to stop her fall. She went to open the door but the Vampire grabbed her. "This will hurt, Im afraid." He snarled and went to bite Valkyries shoulder, but she pushed at the air and sent him flying. She ran towards him and somersaulted over him, jumping through the window. She saw Skulduggery running to the other side of the house. She glared,"Idiot." She chased after him, and saw the Vampire chase after her. She sped up, and yelled,"Skulduggery!" He whirled, and changed direction, running straight towards her. She froze and waited, then when he got close enough, she flipped over him and watched him shoot at the Vampire 3 times. The Vampire snarled and backed up. Skulduggery cocked his head,"Told you we would survive." The Vampire bared his fangs at him, and turned and ran back into the house. Skulduggery turned towards her and gripped her shoulder, "Stay still," He ordered. She obeyed, and he gripped the edge of a glass shard sticking out of her shoulderblade, and tugged, yanking it out and throwing the bloody thing to the ground. He walked towards the car,"Come on." They got into the car and Valkyrie spoke,"Were going to Kenspeckles now, right?" Skulduggery nodded, appearing to deep in thought to speak. Valkyrie waited, and then she said,"What are you thinking about?" Skulduggery looked at her,"Why Ruse is going after you." She shrugged,"Actually, im thinking about the man waiting in Kenspeckles Observatory right now." Skulduggery nodded,"Yes, that to." Valkyrie leaned back into the seat and closed her eyes.
Skulduggery was slient, and then he spoke,"You should spend more time with your family, Valkyrie." Valkyrie groaned,"Not this agian. Skulduggery, I would love to, but I cant anymore. I spend all the time I can get, but I have a real life now, and my parents cant get involved in it, no matter how much I miss them." Skulduggery sighed,"I know. Never mind." Valkyrie pushed the chair back, and started to relax, as Skulduggery parked. "Where here." Valkyrie glared. They walked into the theater, passing the usual movie theater equipment, then going into Kenspeckles lab. They walked in, to see Caelan standing there, bottles in hand, looking surprised to see them. Valkyrie sighed,"Wonderful."

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