Monday, August 8, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

       The three of them stood (except for Valkyrie, who couldn't stand.) in silence. Each of them glaring at one another. Skulduggery spoke, and his voice was calmer and softer. "I'm sorry for what I said, Valkyrie. I didn't mean it." Valkyrie turned away and shrugged. Then Erskine Ravel poked his head through the door, his face flushed with anger and his hair ruffled in a fashion that would hint at being attacked by a vacuum. He spoke,"What would you like me to do with Sanguine, or do you want him to just leave." Kenspeckle barely graced him with a glance,"Of course not, idiot. Ill take care of him." And with that, Kenspeckle shuffled out the door, leaving Valkyrie and Skulduggery alone. Valkyrie didn't meet Skulduggery's eyes as she swung her legs over the bed. They were stiff and sore in many places, and she had a slight limp in the left one. She shrugged on her coat, and then Skulduggery spoke. "I'm going to the Interrogation room." He looked at her questionably and she nodded,"I need to talk to Fletcher first. Ill meet you."
       Skulduggery walked out, and she took a deep breath and peeked her head through the door. She saw Caelan, pressed against the wall, looking like he was trying to bore a hole through the back of Fletchers spiky head. He saw Valkyrie and met her eyes, and she tried to tell him telepathically that she wasn't mad, but he needed to leave. He nodded, and disappeared into the night, probably somewhere far away. Fletcher, on the other hand had his arms crossed over his chest, glaring at the floor. Valkyrie cleared her throat, and he didn't even look up. She felt a large lump in her throat, and it burned. She forced herself to sallow it down, and when she could trust herself to speak, she uttered out one single word. "Fletcher." Fletcher turned towards her slowly and a muscle in his jaw jumped. Valkyrie opened her mouth, but Fletcher cut her off.  His eyes softened, and in them she could see all the hurt he had been hiding from everyone. "I didn't believe him. I didn't believe that you kissed him. So when you called me, and didn't deny it, you killed me. And then I saw you with him tonight, and I wanted to vomit. You already had gotten over me." Valkyrie shook her head sharply, and before she could explain, he cut her off again,"I know. We could all hear you yelling." Valkyrie looked distressed,"Im sorry, Fletcher. But I don't like Caelan. I like you. I always have. It just happened so fast." Fletcher hesitated, and then he nodded, and though she could still see the hurt in his eyes, she knew he forgave her. She smiled tentatively and he returned it with his own. And he kissed her quickly and softly on the lips. Valkyrie stood,"Interrogation room." And as they walked down the hallway, all felt well.
        But the thing that clouded Valkyries mind, was the fact that what she said to Fetcher... It was a lie. 

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