Sunday, July 31, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

       Ten minutes later, Skulduggery walked out of the room Valkyrie was in, letting Kenspeckle examine her stomach and work his magic. He turned and strode over to a stuffed chair, where Caelan was sitting. He towered over Caelan, then Caelan stood, and he still towered over him. Skulduggery snarled out a sentence,"You have the audacity to come into my home, and talk to Valkyrie? Out of all people, Valkyrie is the one person you are forbidden to talk to. If I hear you went near her, I swear i will shoot you." Skulduggery stepped closer, staring down in black fury. "I dont like you. I like Valkyrie. For that reason I will warn you. Valkyrie has many burdens on her mind at this time. Though you dont care enough for Valkyries feelings, and you throw her around like a rag doll, I do. I will not let you add more for her to worry about. Leave. Now." Caelan nodded, and turned to the exit. But right before he pushed through the curtain he said,"How about we let Valkyrie choose for once?" And before Skulduggery could reply, he was gone. Then Valkyrie walked in, with Kenspeckle and Valkyrie behind. Skulduggery turned,"Hows the stomach?" Valkyrie grinned,"All better." Skulduggery nodded. Valkyries smile faded,"Wheres Caelan?" Skulduggery lied smoothly,"He decided it would be better to leave." Valkyrie glared,"You need to be nicer to people." Skulduggery shook his head,"Nonsense, Im to wonderful to give people an effort, seeing as theyre so inferior to me." The corners of Valkyries mouth tugged up, then she frowned.
"...Uh..." Skulduggery said.
Valkyrie looked around,"What?"
Kenspeckle looked at her,"Oh dear..."
Valkyrie crossed her arms, then sighed. Kenspeckle grabbed her now bright red arms and dragged her into the office agian. Skulduggery shook his head and followed. He leaned agianst the wall, crossing his arms, his facade now up agian.
"We need to figure out," Skulduggery said ,"Who changed you. And why."
Kenspeckle frowned, "I honestly thought it was just because of how badly my brilliance was missed." Valkyrie grinned. "Simple, your skins having a magical reaction to the medicine I gave you."  Valkyrie smiled,"As long as you can fix me up, I dont care." Kenspeckle frowned,"Which is exactly why im not this time." Valkyrie frowned,"Huh?" Then Fletcher walked in,"Ooh, I do like the sound of this.." Valkyrie glared,"I thought, by being my boyfriend, that implied you have to be nice to me?" Fletcher snorted,"Nonsense, never stopped you." Kenspeckle cleared his throat,"What would happen, Valkyrie, if  told you i disapproved of you call it, relationship." Fletcher frowned,"Why? Im such a wonderful person."
 Valkyrie smiled,"Then i'd tell you, Kenspeckle, not to be a prude."
"I agree," Skulduggery jumped in ,"You should wait until your, say, 58 till you start a relationship. Its statistically amazing, really, how many times your wrong." Valkyrie frowned,"Shut up."

"Steering the conversation back to where it made sense," Kenspeckle said ,"You shall stay with this rash until it fades naturally." Valkyrie frowned,"And how does that make sense?"

"Maybe itll teach use better skin care products?", Skulduggery suggested. Fletcher jumped in,"Or to be kinder to your boyfriend?"

Skulduggery looked at him,"That has an amazing zero percent to do with what we're talking about."

Fletcher shrugged, "Just a suggestion." Valkyrie looked at Kenspeckle,"Why?" Kenspeckle sighed,"As punishment for being irrational and for everyone wanting to kill you." Valkyrie glared,"Thats hardly fair." Kenspeckle smiled,"Nor is life. Now leave me, I need to go back to my brilliance." Fletcher nodded,"Im going back home to take a nap." Valkyrie nodded,"Ok, Bye." With a loud pop, Fletcher vanished, leaving Skulduggery and Valkryie alone. Valkyrie dropped her smile, and turned it into a glare. Skulduggery raised an eyebrow,"What did I do now?" Valkyrie glared some more,"What did you say to Caelan?" Skulduggery thought about defiance, then dropped it. He glared right back,"Why do you care?" Valkyrie seemed taken a little by suprise at the question. She glared more angirly,"Dont start. Hes my friend. I like him. He is nice." Skulduggery sighed,"I can tell hes dangerously close to dropping the act with Fletcher. You should have called me the second he came to the house. Hes on his best behavior with you, but what are you going to do when he looses control and trys to kiss you agian, or something of that sort. By the way, if that happens, I will shoot him." Valkyries face slackened, I can take care of myself." Skulduggery grabbed his hat, and pulled it over his head at a jaunty angle. "Well finish this conversation later. I think I know who to ask about Kenspeckles vampirism." Valkyries face looked much lighter, and happier then it had for the past few weeks. "Im so glad hes back." Speaking of people missing, we should talk to Nye." Skulduggery scoweled, "Why?" Valkyrie looked at her shoes,"For Tanith." Skulduggery paused, then nodded. "Fine." He started walking,"Do you want to see the car?" Valkyrie laughed,"Oh dear god. Help us all."

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