Thursday, July 28, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

   They drove on in silence. Then,as they turned left, a red car slammed into the side of the Bentley. Valkyrie screamed as the car flipped over and rolled, her head slamming painfully into the dashboard. Skulduggery roared ,"Get out NOW!" And Valkyrie fumbled with the seat belt. She kicked the car door open and leaped out of the car seconds before it collapsed into the promised mound of glass and metal. She sat up, rubbing her forehead. Skulduggery stood beside her. "I will miss her..." He murmured. Valkyrie opened her mouth to talk, but a shock went through her, sending her body into a lapse of painful jerking. She screamed and arched her back. Skulduggery whipped around and slammed into the man with one hand on Valkyries shoulder, and the second the hand lifted, the shock lessened into oblivion, leaving Valkyrie retching into the grass on all fours. She lifted her head and wiped the hair sticking to her face, clearing her vision. She saw Skulduggery and the attacker punching and ducking, swiping and kicking as fast as lightning, but every time Skulduggery went for a lock, the man slipped out, and every time he slipped out, he whipped a punch to Skulduggerys side. Valkyrie closed her fists, and summoned the shadows with her ring. She opened her hand and pushed, hurling a streak of shadows into the man, sending him sprawling. Skulduggery looked over to her and cocked his head, a telepathic way of asking if she was OK. She gave a fake thumbs up and forced a smile, and stood up. As she walked over to Skulduggerys side, the man straightened up. He stood and grinned at Valkyrie. "That hurt. You probrably broke one of my ribs, sweetheart." Skulduggery stepped up, "Who are you? And you better have a wonderful explanation of why you destroyed my prize possesion." Valkyrie glared in Skulduggerys direction. He cleared  his throat,"Oh, yes, and for hurting my partner." The man laughed,"Well she didnt do that good for herself, now did she?" Skulduggery cocked his head, and the man continued,"Maybe, if she hadnt possibly broken my ribs, I wouldnt have to destroy her. A shame to, such a pretty face." Valkyrie couldnt help it, she snorted. "Destroy? Honestly?" The man grinned a cocky grin and lifted his hand, which was now completely black, covered in red shadows swarming around a glove he was wearing. Valkyrie barely had time to let out a exsasperated ,"Damn." Before her body felt like its insides were being shattered, over and over agian. She screamed and dropped to her knees, arching her back and flexing her fists. She saw Skulduggery ram into the man with a smug smirk on his face, and screamed some more. Her insides felt like they were dying, yet she choked and stopped screaming. Taking fast, raging breaths and staggering up, she tryed to walk but went stumbling. She collapsed on the ground and gritted her teeth. Then, the pain lifted and Skulduggery Pleasant was crouched in front of her, saying things she didnt quite take in. Then, her hearing cleared and she heard ,"Are you OK? Valkyrie you answer me right now." Valkyrie groaned and staggered onto her elbows. Skulduggery grabbed her waist and pulled her up. Valkyrie swayed onto her own to feet and nodded,"That was fun." She rolled her shoulders and stifled the groan coming on. "Who was that?" Skulduggery shook his head,"I have no idea." He pressed something on his collarbone and skin slid up and covered his skull. "But your screams seemed to have gotten us noticed." Valkyrie looked around, and said ,"Ill call Fletcher." Skulduggery furrowed his eyebrows. "Why? Oh, the car." He said sadly. Valkyrie picked the phone up, and dialed every number in pain. Finally she gave up and handed the phone to Skulduggery. He looked at it with contempt. "What is this? Hes your boyfriend, isnt he? I dont like him. Havent I made that clear? I think i have." Valkyrie glared,"Answer. Now." Skulduggery sighed exsaperatedly. He grabbed the phone. Valkyrie smiled,"Good....Skeleton." She frowned, "Not exactly how I wanted it to sound..." She murmured. Skulduggery spoke,"Come, boy."
Valkyrie hid her smile. She could just see Fletchers expression.
"What is not understandable about that sentence? You need to pick us up." "Yes, of course Valkyries here." "Fine. Wonderful. Other then the fact her organs have almost exploded." Valkyrie heard a loud noise from the phone. Skulduggery scoweled into the phone. He looked over at Valkyrie, "Take the phone, before i shoot it. Valkyrie sighed and grabbed the phone. "What Fletcher?"
"What the hell Valkyrie?"
"What happened."
"To who or what?"
"You. And the Bentley, im curious why you cant just drive here, instead of wake me from my beauty sleep."
Valkyrie laughed,"Never,ever, say that statement agian. Can you please just pick us up, and then Skulduggery be honored  to explain everything to you, while I take a hot bath." She heard Fletcher grumble, and then a exsasperated,"Fine, Valkyrie." Valkyrie flipped the phone closed, and layed onto the grass.

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