Friday, July 29, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

       Caelan whipped past the walls and trash cans, jumping over fences or anything blocking his way without even pausing. He looked up and jumped from one wall to the other, landing on a roof somewhere. He sat on the edge and hung his legs over, watching the twinkling lights of Dublin. Then he heard a noise, of a heart beating once agian. Fluttering weakly and poorly. The heartbeat of a dying person. He stepped off the building and landed on the floor, following the trail of fluttering thumps. Then he heard voices, and hid behind a dumpster, peering in the crook that had fell off. He saw another Vampire, and he instinctively tensed, preparing to spring away. Then he heard a groan, and he leaned foward, looking closer. He saw a body on the ground, old, small and gray. It was stirring. The Vampire said,"I heard you were mortally afraid of Vampires? A pity." Caelan froze. It couldnt be. The body on the floor couldnt be Kenspeckle Grouse. He was dead. He saw Valkyrie Cain cry the first time at his funeral. He remebered wanting to grab her, pull her close, comfort her. But the Skeleton was next to her, arm around her strong shoulders. Caelan stepped up, being careful to make no noise. The Vampire continued, "You may ask yourself why I brought you back to life, but i advise you not to. Youll find out soon enough in your lifetime. Also, ill be to busy, destroying this irksome spy behind us." Caelan growled and sprinted away, then stopping right in front of the Vampire and flipping over him. But the Vampire was a better fighter then him, and much stronger, for her simply grabbed his torso and slammed Caelan into the cement, making a web of cracks. Caelan struggeled, snarling and baring his fangs. The Vampire paused, and widened his eyes,"Your Caelan....Well Caelan, its your lucky day. Im not going to kill you." The Vampire smiled,"We wil meet agian though. Dont you worry." And with that, the Vampire sprang onto the rooftop and disappeared. Caelan jumped up and ran over to the spot Kenspeckle lay. He was sitting in the corner of the alley, eyes wide and fearful, hands shaking. Caelan couldnt even spot a difference in Kenspeckles apperance. He didnt even know it was possible to bring a dead person back to life. He spoke,"Do you remeber anything?" Kenspeckle shook his head. "Im a....Im a monster...", Kenspeckle stated. Caelan nodded,"If you choose to be. But I have a feeling one girl in particular has been missing you very, very much."
    Kenspeckle cracked a smile.
       Valkyrie grabbed Fletchers hand and in the blink of an eye they were back at Skulduggerys house. Valkyrie groaned and collapsed onto the coach. She felt Fletchers hand on her shoulder,"Are you OK?" Valkyrie groaned agian. Fletcher sighed and started talking to Skulduggery. Valkyrie opened her eyes and saw all red, due to the fact they where on top of the couch. Valkyrie rolled over. She saw Fletcher sitting on the edge of the couch, and Skulduggery grab his hat. Valkyrie frowned, "Where are you going?" Skulduggery looked at her,"To rent a car." Valkyrie scoweled,"Im going." Skulduggery frowned,"Why? Your not going to come, Valkyrie." Valkyrie snarled,"I am most definietly coming. The last car you rented was purple. Purple. Really." Skulduggery laughed, "Ill get a black one this time." Valkyrie relaxed. "OK then", was all she said. Skulduggery shut the door behind him and the door to the bathroom opened. Valkyrie sprang up and tensed. Fletcher glared murderously at a spot behind her,"What are you doing here?" Valkyries heart sped up, and she whirled around to find Caelan staring at her. He ignored Fletcher and spoke only to her,"I need to show you something." Fletcher stepped up,"Wonderful, well all go." Caelan paused, then shrugged,"As you wish.",He replied, then stepped out the door. Valkyrie followed, and Fletcher grabbed her hand, holding it rather tightly. Valkyrie found her voice,"Where are we going,Caelan?" Caelan didnt turn,"It wont take long." Valkyrie looked at Fletcher questionably, and he shrugged. For the past five minutes they walked, then when they turned Fletched squeezed Valkyries hand tighter then it was and Valkyrie looked, only to have her throat choke and her stomach twist. The Hibernian Cinema stood in front of her. She stopped,"Caelan?" She asked. Caelan looked at her with gentle care, causing Fletcher to growl. Once agian, Caelan ignored him. "I need you to come, Valkyrie." Fletcher stepped up,"Look here Vamp, you cant just go around and mess with peoples feelings. Just because your a soulless monster doesnt mean you have to take it out on Valkyrie." Caelan glared at him with a glint in his eyes. "Im not here to take it out on Valkyrie. I need her to see something. And a pesky little twit like you wont stop me." Fletcher opened his mouth but Valkryie cut in,"Both of you, shut up. Caelan, just get on with it. Before Skulduggery comes home or he'll shoot you." Caelan nodded. He continued walking and Valkyrie followed. Fletcher muttered something, but trailed on. They walked through the abandoned theater, coming at a stop in front of the silvery screen that Valkyrie knew led to Kenspeckles building. Caelan put one pale hand on the silky screen, but before he pushed at it, he spoke ,"Keep mind before you judge, please." Valkyrie braced herself and nodded. Fletcher gave her a quick reassuring squeeze, and they walked stepped into the bright white Lab. There was somebody in front of them, and Valkyries jaw dropped and she squeaked out a shaky voice.

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