Saturday, July 30, 2011

Valkyrie Cain

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Chapter 2
       Skulduggery thrummed his fingers on Chinas desk. China appeared from behind one of the book shelves, her beautiful form smiling as she recognized him. But Skulduggery didnt feel any tug of emotions at the sight of him. His suspiscions were confirmed at that moment. Skulduggery spoke,"Theres someone worse then you." That seemed to surprise China. She wasnt expecting that. She raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow. "What do you mean?" Skulduggery frowned,"Someone has your powers of tugging the emotions, only its growing. And i know for a fact its going to grow stronger then yours." China looked irritable. "Oh yes? And who is this?." Skulduggery looked into Chinas blue eyes.
   Valkyrie was in a complete state of shock. The only thing she registered was the little old man standing in front of her, looking fearful and nervous. Valkyrie numbly thought, impossible. But it couldnt be. She stepped foward and foward, stopping only when she was inches from Kenspeckle. She whispered,"Kenspeckle?" And he smiled, his eyes wrinkling. She swayed. Then Fletcher was there, supporting her. She turned and saw Caelan, baring his teeth at Fletcher. Maybe they had an argument. She didnt care. "Caelan. What.Is.This?" Caelan smiled, "Surprise." Only when she saw Kenspeckle eyeing Fletchers hands wrapped around her waist approachfully did her heart melt, lurching as it felt the familiar feeling of safety and care and sympathy and love and fatherliness coming from Kenspeckle. She grabbed Kenspeckle and yanked him into a tight hug, making him laugh. He hugged her back, and she whispered,"I missed you so much. I were dead." He stepped out of her hug, gripping her shoulders and looking her in the eye. "Theres something I need to tell you. Valkyrie I"- but Valkyries phone rang, and she cursed. "Thatll be Skulduggery. Im dead..." She muttered. She grabbed the phone and flipped it open. She answered with a tentative,"Hello?" Skulduggery answered, sounding deathly angry and scarily calm. "You better have a wonderful- and i mean wonderful- explanation of why your not at my house right now." She swallowed, "You need to come to the Hibernian. Now." Skulduggery paused,"Ill be there in two minutes." The line went dead. Valkyrie looked at Caelan,"You should go." He shook his head,"I need to help Grouse explain. Kenspeckle nodded nervously. "Maybe we should wait for Skulduggery to get back. So they stood in silence for a whole minute, until Skulduggery walked in and Valkyrie whirled around. Skulduggery looked over at Caelan, then at Valkyrie, then he saw Kenspeckle, and his eyes widened and he cursed under his breath. He stared at Valkyrie,"Whats going on." Valkyrie shook her head,"I dont know." Then Caelan cleared his throat. Skulduggery slowly turned to him. Then his hand twitched toward his belt and Valkyrie said,"Dont even think about it Skulduggery." Fletcher smiled in anticipation. Skulduggery spoke,"Choose your words next words very wisely."
"I came to your home when I saw you leave, I knew Valkyrie was there. I needed to show her Kenspeckle. So I went in, and told her i needed to show her something, so we went."
"Kenspeckles dead."
Kenspeckle jumped in,"Your right. I am."
 They all turned to him. Fletcher yelling angrily something about messing with Valkyrie, but Valkyries heart shattered all over agian. "But..."She whispered. Kenspeckle glared at Fletcher. "Shut up, boy." Fletcher continued yelling. "First the leech shows up and take her here! Then you tell her you let her belive your alive agian and hug her, and not tell her anything! I will NOT shut up!" Kenspeckle scoweled,"You will shut up, or I shall zap your mouth with a needle and your lips will fall to the ground." Kenspeckle turned to Valkyrie, "Sweetheart, you dont understand yet. Im here. Im going to be here for a while. You dont need to worry. You just dont understand. I am dead. Think about it. Im dead yet alive." Valkyrie stared, and then her brain shut down and she drew in a sharp breath. "No...Its not....Your....Vampire?" She heard Skulduggery curse agian and Fletcher gaped.
"I dont know who did it. I dont remeber anything. Caelan saw the person. But he disappeared. I have my potions. Ill never be a monster. Im the same.", Kenspeckle said pleadingly. Valkyrie looked in his eyes and saw the same fear she felt when she told Skulduggery about her being Darquesse. Then she understood, and her heart lifted agian. She hugged him fiercly for a moment and let go. The fear in his eyes had gone and she smiled. He smiled back. Skulduggery spoke,"Who turned you? No, the better question being, why?" Fletcher felt her shudder and wrapped an arm around her, hitting her stomach. The pain sprang up suddenly, and she doubled over, clutching her stomach. Fletcher yelled,"Valkyrie?" But she straightened up, eyes watering, to see Skulduggery in front of her,looking concerned. Then Kenspeckle shoved past,"Move." He lifted Valkyries top just so her pale flat abs were visible. "Your not allowed to look", Skulduggery groweled to Caelan. Valkyrie hid her blush with her hair and looked down at her stomach. She gasped,"What the hell?" Her stomach was completely purple, blue veins visible. "Kenspeckle muttered something and Skulduggery said,"That cant be from earlier today, can it?" Kenspeckled pulled her towards his lab and laid her on the bed, examining her stomach with a bright light. "What happened early today?" Kenspeckle asked. Skulduggery told him about the man with the black glove, and what he did. Kenspeckle glared at Valkyrie,"Why does everyone want to kill you so bad?" Valkyrie sighed. Skulduggery said,"Something tells me its not her amazing people skills." Fletcher snorted.
"Oh shut it"

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